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  1. I usually let the wife pick it out, she has a really sophisticated system. If it has a funny animal name she tries it. She really likes dancing bull
  2. Good morning everybody
  3. I have a customer of mine that collects and does a little dealing of antique fishing tackle. It is really big up here, I can put you in touch with him if you want
  4. Kid Rock and Bob Seager last winter. We go to about one a year
  5. You owe me I new phone, mine is now covered in coke
  6. Good morning everybody
  7. Wouldn't there be a statute of limitations on something like this, or does the federal gov.not have that?
  8. I don't like the full version on my phone, it seems like there is too much going on for the small screen.
  9. Good morning everybody
  10. Good morning everybody
  11. Maybe there is a way to make it an armory deployment flag. Of someone gets deployed or has a cruise to go on they get the flag from the armory as a show of appreciation and a reminder of home and when they get back they can pass it on to the next one. Just a thought
  12. We have a coat king for our wires, it works good but you really have to keep up with it
  13. We have a border collie/ husky cross that looks a lot like yours with blue eyes. We tried the vacuum and he flipped out, so now we just furminate.
  14. Good morning everybody
  15. Still well worth the money to not deal with pepe le pew
  16. I don't know if there is a petco around you, but they have a deskunking service that is about $20 here. Worth every penny
  17. Good morning everybody
  18. Here is the latest foster, Olive. As soon as I figure out why my computer is not letting me upload the pics of my 3 boys I will.
  19. That is just wrong to tempt us like that
  20. So that is how the end is going to come. Good to know
  21. You forgot all lawyers have horns and cloven hooves, so not that normal Nobody likes lawyers until they need one
  22. Good morning everybody
  23. harry1

    Your Garage?

    Lots of tools, workbench, tractor, motorcycle, 4 large dog crates, 3 bikes, 2 kayaks, sails for a boat I don't have anymore, cement mixer, camping stuff, beer fridge, and wife's jeep
  24. That sounds darn near perfect
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