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  1. I plan to be up there 2x this spring. April with my Christian Motorcycists Association/FastLane buddies and again in May with the East Coast Ducati Meetup. The Dragon is a cool spot to see but the roads around there are just fantastic.
  2. I'll be living in Roswell in about a week. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. Here's one of my Springfield pistols, a TRP.
  4. Great feedback, I really appreciate it! I have a Dillon 550B but not the dies for .223 yet, guess that's on the wish list of items to get! Glad to hear the 55gr stuff does okay, that ammo has the best deals from what I see anyway.
  5. I'm fairly new to the world of AR ownership but I understand with a 1:7 twist barrel I really need to be shooting 62gr or higher bullet. With the BATFE debacle playing out, the M855 stuff has gone up around $.50/rd. Is that what folks are still buying or is there something less expensive or another alternative I should consider? Just curious about what others are doing during this time of increased ammo prices. I am glad I got my rifle when I did and that I do have 1000rds of M855 but now I don't want to shoot it. I guess I could consider buying .223 cheap ammo but would prefer to not go that route.
  6. It finally showed up yesterday and I mounted it on the rifle today. Now I need it to warm up so I can go sight the irons and the EOTech in at 50 yards.
  7. Called the local Tractor Supply, they don't deliver and I don't know anyone with a truck. Home delivery is something I need, I can handle it when it gets here.
  8. The stack on I'm looking at is rated to 30 minutes at 1400. Sent from my Galaxy S5 Active
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I knew y'all would know better than I. Sent from my Galaxy S5 Active
  10. Well I'm in a purchasing frenzy here lately...all spawned by the purchase of my AR. Flipping through pages of internet information I see that Home Depot is selling the 24 gun Stack-On Elite for $750 with free delivery to your door. Seems like a pretty decent safe and has decent reviews. Given it's size I think I could put it in a closet and not have the worries of it sitting out where it can be seen through a window. I do wonder though if the dimensions include the door handle. One thing I really like about this safe is it has the organizer pockets for pistols etc on the door of the safe. Home Depot has it priced at $749, seems like a good price. This is the safe Looking around the site here it seems as though some people poo poo this brand of safes but the reviews overall are pretty good. Thoughts?
  11. In Greenville. Sent from my Galaxy S5 Active
  12. I started to get out of control and go ACOG. I'm looking very much forward to getting the EOTech.
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