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  1. moparman1969_

    EDC gear...

    Kahr CW9 in SOB holster Extra mag in back left pocket Wallet with cash in back right pocket A Gerber Multi-tool and mini mag flashlight on the right hip Keys in right front pocket Metal waterproof match container with 20 strike anywhere matches and plastic container with Tums and ibuprofen in left front pocket An untucked Large/Tall pocket tee covers the whole shootin' match. I'm surprised that only one post mentioned any kind of firestarter. Many moons ago, during lunch hour, my coworkers and I played a game called "you've just been kidnapped and managed to escape, you could be anywhere, what do you have in your pockets to survive on? It was a real eye opener. I was amazed how many guys didn't even have a pocket knife
  2. moparman1969_

    Anybody from here ever get together??

    I'd love to, but I live on the other side of the state. There aren't many webfeet here.
  3. moparman1969_

    Who's up for a meet up

    That makes two of us adair. I'm over in John Day.
  4. moparman1969_

    Where to buy once fired brass?

    I lucked out last weekend at a yardsale of all places. picked up 1000 rounds of L-C and 500 rounds of mixed headstamp for $35! Plus some 30 carbine, 270, 30-06, and 22-250 for a few bucks more!
  5. moparman1969_

    Where to buy once fired brass?

    I've purchased brass on Gunbroker.com with mostly excellent results. Unfortunately my last purchase wasn't. I purchased 1000 rounds of unprocessed, Remington headstamp 223 and paid $80 + shipping. It looked good at first but there was a lot of Winchester rounds and several damaged cases. If you subtract the Winchester rounds, unsalvagable cases, and the ones I'm going to try to save, I lost about 30%+ after inspection. If using Gunbroker.com check the seller's feedback and make sure the seller throws in extra rounds to guarantee that you get a true 1000 rounds, ten percent seems common.
  6. moparman1969_

    JUst a test trying to get familure posting pic's

    Nice job Sticks. I guess I beeter try to post my pics again. I even subscribed to try to make it easier, but couldn't pull it off. The float trip pic looks like the John Day or maybe the Deschutes? The pics I want to post are of a Fathers Day float trip I took this year down the John Day.
  7. moparman1969_

    30 Carbine Brass

    Thanks Gunman. I usually use MidwayUSA, but didn't want to backorder and then wait for who knows how long, hah. I have friends who having been waiting months for their order of 22LR ammo from Cabelas.
  8. moparman1969_

    30 Carbine Brass

    I've been having a tough time locating 30 carbine brass. I've Googled to no avail. Thanks
  9. moparman1969_

    Powder/Primer Stability

    I reload in a 9x12 stick-built shed in the backyard and never worried about moisture and temperature fluctuations since I used up my primers and powder in a timely matter. But with the scarcity of those supplies I have recently stocked up on both when the opportunity finally presented itself. The shed is insulated; however, I know I have air leaks around the door and considered recycling an old apartment size refridgerator and dessicant to use in storing my powder and primers. What do you think? Currently, the recently purchased supplies are being stored inside the house, but it tends to worry my wife so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. moparman1969_

    Millar's Hiway Tire Factory in Canby

    Here in John Day Les Schwab is the only tire store available making it tough to do business anywhere else. I had a big problem with their service department. When I first moved here I needed a brake job and they told me I needed all new rotors, drums and pads. I went across the street to a small shop and they told me that I only needed pads and proved it by measuring the drums and rotors right in front of me. I still purchased tires from them until they pulled the same stunt of charging for remounting their own tires like Pepper spoke of. Things seemed to get worse when old man Les passed away. They even moved the home office from Prineville to Bend when he was too old to do anything about it. Les was all about loyalty, but the new managers just use loyalty as a marketing buzz word. My pickup needs new tires, but I'm going to baby them through this winter and then go out of town for a new set.
  11. moparman1969_

    New to Site

    aboard from the dry side of the state! Nice ride! What kind of class do you run?
  12. moparman1969_

    New To The Site-Oregon AR Novice

    I'm not sure if it is the same school or not. I don't remember there being a shooting range and the cafeteria was a separate building from all the other buildings. The school was located south of the TV highway at what was then the east end of town. It was a LOOOONG time ago, I graduated in 1979!
  13. moparman1969_

    New To The Site-Oregon AR Novice

    Hey Injun. No, I've lived most of my life in Oregon. Portland, Milton-Freewater, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Pendleton, and now John Day. I graduated from Hillsboro Senior High so I've been back and forth between the Portland Metro area and the Blue Mountains. Pepper! I love the way you think! Things have been so hectic at work I didn't have a chance to post the fact that I was going to Hillsboro a couple weeks ago for the State 3A Football Championship. My step son is the defensive captain and plays middle linebacker for Grant Union (John Day). They beat defending state champ Gold Beach! I wanted to hit the Helvetia Tavern for old time sakes, but didn't have time because I spent most of my free time before the game looking for the North Plains Gun Club. Either its been too long ago that I couldn't remember how to get there or it's now defunct. I was a casual member back in high school. Anyways, if you do decide on putting together a night at McMenamins post it and I'll try to make it over.
  14. moparman1969_

    Inspecting Cases

    A big thank you to everyone who posted. Lots of great info. mopar
  15. moparman1969_

    Inspecting Cases

    I'm not new to reloading, but I have run across something new. I have noticed that several 5.56 cases I have picked up after shooting my AR or at the local LEO range have a dent on the shoulder. Some small, some larger, say 1/16" in width and a little longer in length. Is this due to the brass deflector cast into the gun? When inspecting my cases I generally cull pretty hard, but I'm loosing alot of brass I would prefer to reload. Will my RCBS Small Base Sizing Die fix the dent? I'm right handed, so if the deflector is causing the dents can it be removed to avoid wasting brass? Any insight appreciated, mopar!