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  1. Variations in pay is interesting. In my small NJ town we have a force of about 25. Average is $100,000 without OT. I think starting now is mid 70’s. Top ranks above $150k.
  2. First it was the food facilities then it was the fertilizer facilities next up, water sources maybe EMP on the grid after? things accelerated fast…
  3. Envy here…really hoping SCOTUS comes out with a favorable ruling for the NY case, that will allow for at least an avenue to carry in NJ. I do believe constitutional carry is the law of the land, and it needs to recognized.
  4. This seriously has to be the last time. Ever. I get jet lag flying from NJ to FL. This totally messes with me for a week.
  5. I did buy a gaming laptop years ago - an OMEN. Way more machine than I needed, but nothing can bog it down. the downside, it came with a first person shooter game. I instantly became a teenager again playing that game. From what I recall shopping for that one, a solid state drive over an HDD, or a combo. And get a good chip. I did buy a dell a couple of years back that had an AMD Ryzen (speced similar to i5). That thing is a dog.
  6. While more of an analysis site, but one that takes no advertising money, I do find patriotpost.us very informative.
  7. Kind of a loaded question. If you can take profits and leave initial investment in, you’re ahead of the game. my concern is 2 words - blackrock and vanguard- they own everything (real estate included). If they decide to pull out, you will see a huge (in my totally untrained opinion) correction of 75%. very wary of what’s going on now.
  8. Yup still have a bland bitter everything tastes the same. no smell at all. Either that or my sh!t finally doesn’t stink. just 2 weeks though. Hope it all gets normal again. Maybe i’m really in the matrix.
  9. My first time with a quake, was probably around 10 or so. Family went out to LA to visit my Aunt and Uncle. First night with the 3 hour time difference, I was exhausted. Woke up the next day around 8 feeling great. While family, aunt and uncle are up rattled. Things off the shelves, looked like a bull ran through a China shop. Was a 5’er, slept right through it. for some reason, still prefer that to a tornado.
  10. can I tell you how hard it has been to get ivermectin. When my daughter first tested last Tuesday, I tried to go on a preventive dose. No luck, my pcp said “we can’t do that”. I reached out to a couple of the docs on FLCCC and most didn’t get back, or the couple that did, did not have any further response after I gave them their questionnaire completed. then I become symptomatic, and early treatment is such a huge key in preventing complications. Reach back out to my pcp, no again to ivermectin, but if I go for a test, could probably get a MAB infusion. Get the positive result on Saturday, call pcp first thing today (day 5 now), and they take some info from me, work to complete the paperwork, call me back in 5 minutes and told me I wouldn’t qualify, so they aren’t going to submit. Also on Friday/Saturday had been reaching out to FLCCC docs to get a script for ivermectin. Finally got one on Saturday night. My wife went to pick it up yesterday, and the pharmacist wouldn’t fill, not because of what it was, but because of the dose (early outpatient treatment is 0.4-0.6 mg/kg for 5 days). Reach back out to the doctor, who sent it to another pharmacy, call that pharmacy today, they confirmed receipt, but couldn’t tell me when they will be able to fill it. My wife was struggling to get why I wanted this. Basically my pcp’s treatment is to wait and see what happens and if I get bad to go to the hospital. I’d rather try something I know people have taken and it works, than to just wait. My advise for anyone, which I wish I had done, is get on a preventive treatment plan of ivermectin (think it’s like 0.2mg/kg of body weight, twice a week). Then once you have that relationship established, if you do come down with the Covid, you’d have a good shot of getting the treatment. But, then again my conspiracy head is taking there is some nefarious reason why I had a hard time getting early treatment, and a reason why cases are skyrocketing, and why the rt-pcr test loses the fda eua on Dec 31…
  11. I had to be tested Friday the 10th and be in my own bubble until the 13th. That was negative. since I had symptoms start greater than 48 hours after leaving the surgical center, they didn’t seem too concerned (although I’m not sure I’d be thrilled to have a procedure done with them this week if I knew…)
  12. Can’t even say this is the worst cold I’ve had. If it weren’t Covid times, I’d be at work…
  13. And now I have it. Super annoying trying not to cough and blow out stitches. Did get a doc to write the FLCCC protocol of ivermectin, so should hopefully be out of this quickly.
  14. Some backstory- I had needed a hernia repair for some time. Put it off once Covid started. Things were looking better so I decided to schedule it for Dec 13th. Was very careful about being out and about, but have kids in school and wife teaches. Get my surgery done Monday morning. 10 year old daughter woke up Monday with a headache. Nothing else. Sent her to school, came home and she slept. Said she was so tired. Then popped a bit of a fever (nothing really high) and a stuffy nose. Wife took her to doc yesterday. Positive for the Rona. She said she doesn’t really feel sick, and cried because she couldn’t go to school for 10 days. I spun it as a positive, we all can have a nice relaxing chill week before Santa comes. younger daughter is ok (but was stuffy a couple days last week).
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