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    home security cameras

    I was thinking of enhancing security cameras indoor and outdoor. I'd like something I can view when I'm not home, some heavily encrypted wifi. Anyone use anything good?
  2. kevzskim4

    Assange arrested in London

    Dead man's switch was switched. I'll try and find a safe link.
  3. kevzskim4

    Assange arrested in London

    He dumped everything. All Clinton e-mails are out now. Maybe justice finally?
  4. kevzskim4

    Jussie Smollett is under arrest

    Timing of this whole fraud is kind of odd, with the pushing of Kamala Harris' anti lynching bill push... Isn't she his Aunt or something?
  5. kevzskim4

    New tax law

    It's early in filing season, but interested if the new tax law is hurting or helping (as it will be most likely a huge talking point in any upcoming election). Year over year from 17-18 we increased income by 6% and our overall tax liability went up 6.75%. Overall not horrible, but I did lose over 50% of the itemized deductions I used to get (High SALT tax state NJ).
  6. kevzskim4

    Holy crap! That was fast!

    Here you go to the Chiefton, who laughs at you as they shove you out the door.
  7. kevzskim4

    synthetic jacket ammo?

    With rebates right now the Federal American Eagle Syntech .45 ACP is dirt cheap. Seems like a good practice round. Anyone using?
  8. kevzskim4

    Ruth buzzy ginsberg in surgury for lung cancer

    The salt flowing is going to be awesome. But seriously, she won't retire. Court will be stuck with 8 forever.
  9. After the 10 round mag capacity appeals, ANJRPC filed motion for NJ's justifiable need requirements to be heard by SCOTUS. Basis being the right does extend outside of the house and the lower courts are inconsistent on the issue. If granted, may be heard in Fall 2019. Not holding my breath again though.
  10. kevzskim4

    ANJRPC Files to Supremes for right to carry

    For anyone interested in some light reading for the right to carry petition to the Supreme Court (hope this works). https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.anjrpc.org/resource/resmgr/legal_motions___briefs/rogers_v._grewal_nj_rtc_cert.pdf
  11. kevzskim4

    Gofund me page for Border wall

    Maybe this is a better way to fund government? Get rid of all congressional funding that is unconstitutional, and if the public wants it, let them fund it.
  12. kevzskim4

    3rd Circuit (New Jersey) upholds 10 + mag ban

    The appeals continue. ARPCNJ requested case be heard en banc. I looked at judges on the circuit and who appointed them, 13-9 appointed R over D. I'm not holding my breath. I used to think we had a fair and balanced justice system in this country.
  13. kevzskim4

    Wreaths Across America

    Just heard about this great organization this morning and wanted to try and spread the word. On Dec 15th, at cemetaries across America, they will be putting wreaths out at Veterans' cemetaries. Can sponsor some wreathes or volunteer to help locally. I think I may have just started my new family tradition... Wreathsacrossamerica.org
  14. kevzskim4

    Wreaths Across America

    I think there is still an option for cards.
  15. kevzskim4

    3rd Circuit (New Jersey) upholds 10 + mag ban

    Living in NJ and had been following this. The three judges assigned to this at the appeals court was stacked on the left. One judge appointed by Trump, was highly critical during the arguments, on both sides. The one Obama judge that talked was so clueless. the other one never said a word and was originally from Britain... The NJ "attorney" had weak arguments, that could have easily been dismantled. The ANJRPC attorney was ok, but did go along with leftist talking points at times. Oh well...now we're at compliance deadline. I went through and surprisingly had no 15 round magazines, but did order a bunch of 10 rounders, just because. The scary part of this package of laws is the red flag law that gives take first ask later authority to law enforcement. so if someone has something that is banned that they may not have realized they had, now all of a sudden they are a felon.
  16. kevzskim4

    Official Photo Test Thread

    Alright...can someone please help me out with. How do you upload a picture directly?
  17. kevzskim4

    New gun parts bill

    NJ just passed something similar. At this point I'd say pass all these bad laws...we have (hopefully) majority of SCOTUS, so they'll all be falling.
  18. kevzskim4

    seriously? 1 Billion?

    Guess i have to go buy one.
  19. kevzskim4

    seriously? 1 Billion?

    If it goes off at 10 for you, let me know what the numbers are, it's 11 here...maybe we can work something out. That sounded a lot funnier before I typed it out, than when I did...
  20. kevzskim4

    Question for Ohio Folk

    Thanks. Had not thought about watching my speed. I usually find myself on the fast side of things, especially with emptier roads. I should be landing around 6:30 pm on a Sunday. Have to work until 6 pm or so the next day, so wouldn't have made the 7 pm flight out. Plan on driving back and staying near the airport. First flight back to NJ is 10:30, so can catch up on some much lost sleep... Ok, What happened in mansfield?
  21. kevzskim4

    Question for Ohio Folk

    I need to get to Columbus in a couple of weeks for a short trip. Direct flights out of the NYC area are available, but crazy expensive, so my company's travel is pushing me toward connecting through charlotte or DC as the cheapest option. Was thinking of flying direct into Dayton (even cheaper option). How is that hour drive across on a Sunday night and back on tuesday morning (or monday night)? Seems like a nice small easy airport.
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    Opera is another halfway decent one, with free VPN, but usually puts me in russia...
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    Startpage is pretty good as well.
  24. kevzskim4

    College Professor Shoots Himself To Protest Trump

    Obviously does not know how to control his gun. Or maybe he does. So ambiguous...
  25. kevzskim4

    College Professor Shoots Himself To Protest Trump

    More please?