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  1. Hi folks, I picked up an FN 1776 last month for a base rifle to play with. Seem to be well built with good quality. Got a decent deal on the gun, but I'm just wondering about it's reputation. Anybody have experience with this guy?
  2. They've been working on that since the 60's...
  3. Welcome.. You have made a decision that may affect your ability to have children...
  4. Pepper, I have lived in several states over the years and I have found it very useful to check in with LEOs to get a handle on local practices. For example, I live in Indiana, an Open Carry State. I stopped by the local LEO Station and asked a simple question. I believe what I said went something like this... Officer, I understand that Indiana is an Open Carry State. What would prefer that I should do? Carry Concealed? Or Carry Openly? He took a deep breath and said, "Wow! I think you are the first perspon to ask me that! Please, if you don't mind Carry Concealed." Smiling, I handed him my business card and shook his hand. I'v carried concealed ever since...
  5. I think that if you are not familiar with carrying a firearm, consult your local Law Enforcement, and/or join a local shooting club. You need some training so you can build some good habits with a loaded weapon in you hand. Stay safe out there...
  6. A good friend of mine sent this article to me. Neither he, nor I, claim any accuracy or authenticity of this information. I post it here for a sharing of information only. You may choose to accept what the author says or not. Personally, I found the article compelling. TJ How Many Rounds Should You Carry Concealed Everyday? See the article HERE:
  7. Hey Joel, Thanks for the good wishes! Stay strong!
  8. Aye Laddies... Now you have opened the door. Battle Ready is the goal... Victory or success, will be the dinner, of those who can travel light and those prepared best!
  9. Thanks Tackleberry, we're thinking the same way... Unfortunately I've been spending my time & resources with pistols. I'm finally getting around to upgrading my personal armament to long guns and I could use all the help you guys can offer. I'm off to the local Gun Show Tomorrow & Sat. to serch for components with the intent of trying to 'soak up' the black rifle and whether or not I want to just buy a dependable AR, upgrade the RRA to a SBG, or just go slow and ask a bounch of questions and keep my hands in my pockets. I've been in the 'build' section of the board most of the day just to get my mind in the right place. Hell, I turned a stock Colt Government into a bad ass shooter with a Schumann barrel, 6 months of customizing the frame, upper and lower, and added a 2 lb STI trigger... I can do this!
  10. Nice lookin' pistol... And the price is right! Good deal...
  11. Thanks for the reply... Yeah I know the downside of 4 handguns... I guess if I were smart, the single carry handgun would be the G20 and a LWRC M6. And by traveling light I mean 'traveling light'! It'll be me and the armament... No home, no family, just me. I'm not James Bond and I'm not a Navy Seal. I'm an old USPSA competitor that has tremendous confidence in his handguns watching the world as I know it disentegrate before my eyes. If I live that long, it will be small groups fighting for The US Constitution vs. - well, the players change daily. I'm glad to hear a sensible view of my question. Looks like a tax stamp and more mags for the Glock. Thanks again...
  12. Thanks to Retcop and Tackleberry for the info.. TB, You have hit right on my quandry! When I bought the pistol, my thinking was about a SHTF scenario where I would need to be mobile and travel light. My plan was to carry four handguns and one rifle with a tac vest for mags, compass and other necessities. The 4 handguns would be my EDC Colt Commander in 45 ACP in a RH Serpa on the belt, another Colt Gov. ( I'm hoping to land one of the new Colt rail guns in 45 ACP) in a drop leg holster. Since I'm a 10mm nut, a Kimber Eclipse Custom II in a LH drop leg, and a Glock 20 in a chest/vest mount. I can carry 7 x 30 Pmags, 10 Wilson 45 Acp mags on the belt & holster, 4 Glock 20, 15 rnd spare mags. My Ka-Bar on one of the drop legs, and the RRA with a short sling around my neck and a connect point on the belt for running, etc... That was my scenarrio... Thinking that any contact with radicals would be at close range. I thought a rifle for targets beyond 50 yds would be unnecessary, since most contact would be inside that distance. But as time goes by, and I re-think and re-think, and re-think, I'm just not sure of my sphere of contact. I may need to reach out with the RRA and that means SBR paperwork. Am I over thinking this??? Or just being stupid??? Thanks for the opinions... TJ
  13. Hi Folks, new dude here... After a series of relationship issues that took the last 4 years of my life, I FINALLY got the RRA LAR-PDS out of it's range bag today! I've been reading about it, I have held it, & I have imagined myself at the range firing it. I was a competive USPSA shooter until 4+ years ago, so I know my way around firearms. I bought the RRA Pistol with the intent of making it a 'go to' SHTF weapon. Now, I'm not so sure I did good, or I just wasted my money. Have you folks any opinion, or any guidence, to get me up and running? I need to get this gun to the range as soon as the weather breaks - Maybe mid April? But, I want to approach this training the same way I break-in my pistols for the coming season. Right now, I need information and opinions... I'm pretty smart, but I know I'm not the brightest apple in the basket. That's it for now... All the best, TJ
  14. Many thanks, many thanks...
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