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  1. leper65

    New $599 Rock Island 10mm 1911

    If anyone is interested these guys have the Tactical version for $561.25 + $10.00 shipping, no CC fees. http://lanbosarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=15890&referrer=cnwr_4191340829622
  2. leper65

    stag 6.8 upper

    Adcofirearms does it for $15 http://www.adcofirearms.com/shopservices/shop_.cfm?code=5 I've not had it done, but am thinking about getting a Stag 7H upper too...
  3. leper65

    stag 6.8 upper

    Here's a little better price on the Stag 6.8 7H upper(shipping not included in this one though): http://candgarms.com/new/content/stag-arms...ete-upper-68spc
  4. http://www.jsesurplus.com/ They have several Complete Upper Kits from Del-Ton for $460 - $520 that come with a LPK and only need a stripped lower to complete. They also have Del-Ton stripped lowers for $85. Been mulling over one these myself....
  5. leper65

    G-20 Mags

    I passed up a G20SF last Monday priced at $549...don't know WTF I was thinking. It was gone the next day when I called.
  6. leper65

    G-20 Mags

    That is my understanding too; I believe the older G20 magazines will NOT fit in the new SF model. There is a cut in the front of the newer magazine for the ambi mag release. Make sure you get the new, 4th generation mags if you get the SF. New SF Mag: Old:
  7. Another vote for the Browning Hi-Power.
  8. leper65

    WTB: S&W 1006

    No longer in the market.
  9. leper65

    $1000 in vet bills later...

    I admire your dedication to your cat, but personally, I wouldn't go that far for our cats, the dogs maybe.
  10. I think someone here was looking for one: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=30640915
  11. leper65

    WTB: S&W 1006

    Looking for a 1006 with fixed sights.
  12. leper65

    Range Report on refurb 1006

    It sounds like that hammer/trigger is just going to keep bothering you. How hard is it to find the correct hammer and trigger ? The ones you have look kinda funky...and not in a good way. Good luck with whatever you decide, I'm glad its a good performer... PS I'm jealous of your 1006, I'm looking to get one myself, but I'm a cheap bastiage and that is slowing things up.
  13. leper65

    new 10mm firearms

    I hope you're right. I'd love to see Sig come out with one based on the P220
  14. leper65

    S&W 1006 Questions

    Thanks for the info. I just saw doubletap's site and am checking out them and the SW Forum...
  15. leper65

    S&W 1006 Questions

    I've always liked the 4506, but I can't justify getting one. I have 4 different .45ACP's (2 Dan Wesson's BTW). Someday I may jump on one if I see one cheap. The 10MM bug has bitten so the 4506 will have to wait, if I see a good deal on a 1006 it'll be really hard not to get it.