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  1. Ilikelegs

    Figured Since I was here....

    Been in and out Lots of traveling
  2. Ilikelegs

    Figured Since I was here....

    Awesome shots, so cool you got that tornado!
  3. Ilikelegs

    Hey Ilikelegs

    Thanks guys Sorry I am not online as much as I used to be.
  4. Ilikelegs


    I do it now. Been doing it now for the past 6 months. After second back surgery I have been very focused on core work outs. I'm the worst one in the class, and I am fine with that, Because I get to see my wife and other hot women in yoga pants. I just have had to master looking at them from the corner of my eyes.
  5. I currently have an old DeLorme Earthmate PN-30 It's battery absolutely sucks as. But I have always taken extra batteries. I have some tough hikes I'd like to do in the Wind River Range maybe this summer. And my main concern is the battery. Have been reading up on a few new ones out there. Most are bogged down with extra crap like Blue Tooth. So I thought I'd post the question here.
  6. Too bad is such a leftist strong hold. But still my favorite state to explore... Ill post some more tonight
  7. Ilikelegs

    NFL Season starts today....

    college ball here, until they freak that up too
  8. Ilikelegs

    Something Wicked this way comes

    Did a 9 hour drive all the way to Big Bend NP. Was hoping for star trails. Got the monsoon storms instead.
  9. Can we update original post with all info. Date and all...Ive become lazy and dont want to read all 28 pages
  10. Ilikelegs

    New camper bug has got me

    Only real fancy thing I want is a bad ass solar setup. Will probably have to get that done elsewhere. Most are pretty basic. So I figured Winnebago would be top...But I really do not know shat... I was in the process of making the Tacoma an Overlander. Was going to put up the pop up roof top tent... But am getting older, and want the wife with me more on my death marching camping trips...and she wants much more comfort and a bathroom. After last back surgery, I gotta change my approach now and have a base camp instead of hit and run, sleep on a rock, repeat type camping. I will be in the mountains and canyons mostly with this... I need something that can take some rough roads. So I have been looking at suspension set ups on them too. May be wanting too much on that. Worried about it flexing too much if I beat the shat out of it.
  11. Ilikelegs

    New camper bug has got me

    Was gonna start my own thread....but saw this. Some applies to me. I am looking at small teardrop type camper trailers... 3000 pounds dry is my cut off. Tow with a Tacoma. Looking at these brands. They all have the same similar floor plan. Jayco, T@B, I-pod, MPG181, NOBO nb16.7, Keystone Bullet Colt, winnebago, Forrest River Most all look very similar to this.