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  1. No, just an apology. Glad they at least sent a new one. Since we had freezing weather last week, I have not gone to test it and zero it. Will go to an indoor range this week close by. I dont want to wait long this time, or put much effort into a drive out to a buddies land in case I am disappointed again.
  2. WoW, those look very nice. I've got lots of fossils and other strange rocks. I mainly go for photography, but always do a little rock hunting wgere I am at. You have any cool locations in Utah you would target ?
  3. You a rock hound too? What do you collect ?
  4. Coming upon that time of year again. I have a big trip planned for Utah this spring. Lots of night time photography and hiking.
  5. New replacement scope finally arrived. Will be too cold to shoot out doors this weekend, I might try an indoor range. Or just wait til next weekend to get out.
  6. Just one, they never sent it the first time, just let me wait 4 days thinking it was on its way
  7. Just an update, new one on the way now
  8. Yes, I used BofA credit card.....I can get my money back easily. Done it before. Just pissed off with ATN now. I thought they were a good company. Ridiculous the way their customer service is set up.
  9. I still have no scope and the person who I talked to once has not returned emails or phone calls. I just sent this email. I'm freaking pissed and fed up now. Don't want freaking scope now... Guys I have been pretty patient with this. Pablo told me when we talked he was sending me a new scope right away. And I still have no scope or tracking number. And I have sent mine back to you and have confirmation you received it. I am not used to having to wait 4 days at a time with companies just to get a reply by email much less a phone call. Since you now have scope, can you just credit my credit card back and give me my money back I see too many ads on ATN's facebook page for so many refurbished scopes I don't think I am interested in the hassle of planning another weekend just to see if the scope will actually work. Let me know...
  10. Was from the facebook message. Customer service sent me email to write to. And was past on to department person, who then contacted me. His name was Pablo. They just sent me a shipping return label, and now I see a new tracking number for my replacement being sent already. So now things are moving fast. They are not waiting for mine to arrive first, which was nice. My new one is on the way.
  11. Yeah I wont wait long to test it. There is an indoor range close by and I will promptly take it there when the new one gets here.
  12. Hurray! They just called me and are sending me a shipping label and will send me a new one. Glad the process is going forward !
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