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  1. Used but not hurt. Tritium is good. Lenses are good. Scratched a bit on the tube but good to go. $475.00 shipped. In box with rubber lense cover and killflash. Jim
  2. I edc a ZT 0301. Its awesome, razor sharp and works well. Its a bit heavy for edc but who cares My next knife will be a 0100 fixed blad. Jim
  3. Its been a while since i posted in here, so here goes: I bought a brunton stove and nesting cooking kit, ammo, mucho mountain house food along with dried goods. I got a water filter and new aimpoint micro. two new lowers that are now complete with ergo grips and gisselle super semi auto triggers. I put one on an existing upper, the other is for my new Addax ZK. I did a few other things but not worth mentioning.
  4. You left out Gulf coast...
  5. They are hell holes but the gallant ones who died did it for us. Better to fight here than there? Also no comparison to Vietnam or any other war can be made. Different goals, different everything..... I'm not sure I understand why you posted this....
  6. We are competing with the biggest ones.... hit this poll! Jim
  7. Gunny Awards click here got to best gun forum
  8. I carry a Glock 19 with night sights in a crossbreed supertuck deluxe. Its loaded with Speer 124 grain gold dots. I carry a 17 round spare mag, a Benchmade 940 Osbourne knife. I keep a Noveske Afghan with ACOG and Aimpoint micro T-1 with 4 mags locked in my truck. I keep a get home bag in the truck with 2 extra Glock mags and 2 extra AR mags, med kit, nalgene water etc...
  9. FEMA made a gigantic purchase... One billion dollars worth. Mountain House says not from them. Hmm... Link http://www.mountainhouse.com/
  10. He has taken a break from the internet. I frequently tell him when one of you says hi. Sabbatical is a good choice of terms for his departure. I can tell you this, he burned out and has been away from the internet. He doesnt post anywhere. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Hell, I miss him too. Thanks for your concern, Jim
  11. I booked a class @ Tiger Valley, pistol level one. I started thinking and its been 11 years since I have recieved any formal handgun training. I purchased online and recieved a Brunton IB 2 piece cookset for my BOB, a fuel can stand, new elbow pads, 6 meals from Mountain house foods for my BOB to replace 6 old ones that I will be eating soon at the pistol training. Are any of you considering going to any training soon? i would like to train with some of you. Jim
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