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  1. Knight

    mailing ammo

    Are you selling?
  2. Knight

    So, You want some MOE?

    Sweet, standing by.
  3. Knight

    So, You want some MOE?

    Hey TS, it's a little late now as I already purchased one but did you complete a review of the StrikeFire? Couldn't find one via the search. Here's a pic of my setup, for now, and one from the range at 60 yards. Had a couple o' fliers, but after some tweaking the last three rounds were near center. Gawd knows I'm no pro...yet. Thanks for the heads up on the StrikeFire, and thanks to jchtrh for the tech. support. Keep it up. Happy shootin' fellas.
  4. I couldn't be happier with my Strikefire. Initially, I had a minor mounting issue, self-induced, but the guys at Vortex and their service was/is tops and they straightened me right out. Great price for a tough red/green dot. My .02. And War, on the red dot co-witness issue, you nailed it.
  5. Knight

    Best vertical grip

    I'm sold on a Tango Down VFG, just can't decide between the Stubby or Battlegrip for my M4. Would love any advice from anybody who has compared or used both. Thanks.
  6. Knight

    New AR today..it's about time too.

    That was quick! Good pic, and good lookin' weapon. Sounds like a go on the rails, enjoy. Happy shootin'!
  7. Knight

    New AR today..it's about time too.

    Nice work Get some ammo before "they" tax the bejesus outta it. Now, WHERE ARE THE PICS?
  8. Knight

    Gun Porn

    Well done, Sir! Jealous.
  9. Knight

    Most of my pmags arrived today...

    Found some MagPul Pmag 30 rounders in stock today at cheaperthandirt.com for $25. They've got the MagLevel indicator window, which I wasn't thrilled about, but it'll do for plinking/range purposes. Still waiting on the 4 I ordered direct from Magpul without the window, goin' on a month and a half. Good luck.
  10. Hey guys, I've been looking at optics for awhile, craving an Eotech, but can't justify the price for what I do with my AR. I like TigerStripe's reports from his Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot tests. With a RRA dominator sight would I have any problems mounting/viewing? I know the StrikeFire comes with an "extra high mounting ring," just curious if I would need to dump the dominator and get some type of flip BUIS. http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/50440-budget-red-dot-optic/ As always, much appreciated, thanks.
  11. Knight

    pics of new VFG and Ergo

    Sweet look! Nice choice.
  12. Knight

    Updated pics, questions.

    Yeah, Rog that, the SPRE is cheaper than the DD offering. Is it worth getting the special wrench for stock removal, or is it possible to "home job" it? I really don't wanna scratch my new baby. Thanks. And who doesn't enjoy a Black 'n Tan? Cheers.
  13. Knight

    Updated pics, questions.

    Thanks, guys! Yeah, I think the SPRE is more what I'm looking for, gotta check the price...intimidating to hear it's "best"...you know what that means, $$$. That's good news for the light, consider that a done deal. Not sure what color combo I like best with the rail guards yet, but that'll do for now. Although, they seem like a real S.O.B. to get off. Thanks again for all the help.
  14. Added this stuff to my original post, but it's back on page two. Anyway, here's the new look after XTM rails and a Gear Sector sling. Looking at Daniel Defense for both a latch plate sling mount, and an Offset Flashlight Mount. I'm curious if that particular light mount would mate well with a Surefire G2 Nitrolon. As always, any thoughts greatly appreciated. Still savin' $ for a worthy optic. Happy shootin'.