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  1. sw9mm

    Any Financial Planners on here?

    Not a Financial Planner but I rolled mine over when I changed jobs. Leave it intact until you can roll it over the new 401k. keep making payments on the loan too or you will have to pay taxes on it.
  2. Programmers fix issues you didn't know you had in ways you wouldn't understand. Don't tell them about the truck load of Raid out back!
  3. They should be sending his body back to where he came from. Instead we will have to foot the bill for his incarceration.
  4. sw9mm

    Snow in Dixie!

    That's the spirit! Only positive outcomes! I'll settle for spring though.
  5. Isn't that part a problem? I don't have a bump stock nor have I ever used one, but my understanding is the shooters finger is still on the trigger. If so then the shooter is still in control of the firing mechanism i.e. pulling the trigger.
  6. sw9mm

    Hey ALEXA!!

    I turned off Siri in my devices and have no other Alexa or similar devices. Never will either. My laptop is the only one I need to check now.
  7. sw9mm

    Snow in Dixie!

    We even had snow at Hobby airport! Earliest ever in the Houston Area. Fortunately the snow didn't stick, still too warm for that.
  8. sw9mm

    graphic design

    Freecad is another one. it is not easy, steep learning curve. but it is free! it will do 2 d and 3d objects.and has no fonts (at least not the version I currently have). Also Autocad has a free version online that can do a lot but is not as sophisticated as their commercial product, it is easy to learn and has good tutorials.
  9. sw9mm

    Tell me about Nevada

    Texas Blue!, not anytime soon. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, beats fire! It really isn’t that bad. I have lived here for about 40 years, with only a short stint out of the state, in the gulf coast I have seen only a few hurricanes and if you don’t live near the beach they’re not fun but not catastrophic either. A couple of tornadoes, weak ones! One of them bounced off the mall. No real damage. Summers do get hot, green grass most of the year! Gulf coast rarely gets below freezing. Good hunting! I am high ground and have never flooded. We need good people moving here intead of the libs from Cali and the nort east.
  10. sw9mm

    Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps

    Happy Birthday Marines Semper Fi
  11. sw9mm

    Happy Veterans day

  12. sw9mm

    I think alcohol is involved...

    alcohol can lead to stupidity!
  13. sw9mm

    I-1639 passes

    just what the dims/socialist/commies want!
  14. sw9mm

    Coming home to a good meal

    This could go on forever! What it boils down to is eat what you like and like what you eat, just don't waste it! However you like your chili its all good, some better than others but... I haven't met a bowl of good chili with or without beans that I didn't like!