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  1. sw9mm

    BIG Boom in the town

    What town? Refinery Explosion?
  2. sw9mm

    Takin out the trash.

    Just saved the taxpayers some money! Justice served!
  3. sw9mm

    Had to get new tires on Thursday from Firestone

    my wife wont take a car to a shop for that reason! They always tell her something else is wrong! So she calls me! I took my wife's car (mini-van ) to Firestone, once, for an oil change and tire rotation. I got the car back, drove home and noticed something did'n feel right. There was a vibration while driving. I took it back and the mechanic said it was road vibration. WRONG! I went home and removed one tire (or tried to) I could not remove one of them! The lug nuts were torqued so tight I could stand, actually I had to jump) on my 4 way lug wrench to get the lug nut to budge ans it was like that all the way off! they stretched the lug bolt (the lug bolt was deformed!) and messed up the lug nut. I tried a second lug nut and it was the same way. I went back (minus one lug nut - i could not get it back on) they had to replace all of the lug bolts and nuts. After that I never went back to Firestone, never will. I eventually had to replace 2 rims that helped but it was never the same. I saw a guy at a different mechanics shop try to replace wheel bearing on a Lexus (i can do wheel bearings!) he used a air tool to put the nut back on, when the nut wouldn't tighten the 'mechanic' just adjusted his air tool and kept trying, stripped the threads the shop had to replace the spindle., the Lexus owner was not happy! The mechanic was not a mechanic!
  4. sw9mm

    Dick's Sporting Goods to stop selling guns.

    In the one here the gun section is vacant except for the employees. There are a few people looking at the other stuff they have. I suspect they will be closing some (maybe all) of their stores in the future.
  5. sw9mm

    Racist Air.

    They wouldn't have any one to blame!
  6. sw9mm

    Now they're coming for MY guns!

    Sounds like the tree of liberty is starting to wilt a bit.
  7. sw9mm

    Racist Air.

    Its also whites fault for the pollution, because whites own the factories! Saw that on the news this morning!
  8. sw9mm

    A peek inside a liberal mind..

    I thought it would look more like a black hole! (a black hole actually has something in it though)
  9. sw9mm

    Reminds me of all of us!

    maybe, but that/s the one checking the spings on the recoil pad with the cute 38.
  10. The last step of a failed regime is to mobilize the kids! Hitler did it in WWII!
  11. register for the draft at 16! They are not ready for that kind of responsibility (that would be scary)! There are a lot of adults that should not have that kind of responsibility! A 16 year old's - Like Like free stuff! who doesn't like free stuff, sure I'll vote for you like oh look a shiny object!
  12. sw9mm

    Global Warming My Azz !!!

    And the weather people can't seem to get it right!
  13. Hmmmm, at least they aren't wrong! They failed to mention that if the fuel tank goes empty on a commercial aircraft in flight, someone is in deep shat!
  14. sw9mm

    Another neat piece of art.

  15. The dems are trying to impeach Trump and Pence, they are searching for a crime they can to charge him with, screw the evidence, they will just make it up if they have to! between now and 2020 we will know