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  1. It looks like an upside down magazine (or is it clip ) being held to the other magazine (and grip) with duct tape for quick change! Oh - duct tape is sticky and strong! good luck changing the mag in a hurry!, If that's what the intent was (past tense). He doesn't look like he is too bright either.
  2. He should have been found with self inflicted bullet wounds to the back of the head! Just like in an Arkanacide!
  3. Their thought pattern is something like this: "You don't have to kill animals to eat, just go to the grocery store and buy your meat!". So in a similar fashion "you just plug your car into the outlet in your home to charge it - duh, you won't need gas!" They will never figure it out!
  4. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from SE Texas
  5. They do! And if you wan to play in the street beware of the traffic, you could become part of the statistics!
  6. There is a spot about 90 miles south of the Key West that would b Ideal for them, nice tropical climate year round!
  7. it would be funny if the cops saw the whole thing and gave her a distracted or reckless driving charge on top of the blame for the accident!
  8. NO!! We don't want them here (most of them anyway)! Somewhere else but not TX. We have enough foreigners as it is. I see a lot of Florida, NY, NJ tags here now. Enough is enough. We have to keep Tx RED. Maybe the extreme weather here will keep most of them away! We used to see a lot of Cal tags but that has gone way down, most Cali go to Austin/Dallas area!
  9. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from SE Texas
  10. They look but don't see anything except the wall (or whatever is) behind them!
  11. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning From SE Texas Still a little damp outside!
  12. They haven't really been paying attention and would need reassignment surgery and lots Testosterone injections for that!
  13. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from SE Texas Its cool (70s) and WET!
  14. Sounds like she is one of the few Blue Dog Dem left. Too bad they are all being pushed off the cliff. I used to believe having a different party in charge of each branch (dim HoR- Repub Senate) was a good thing , That was a long time ago, not anymore! Don't want a dim anywhere near political power!
  15. Good luck with your chemo, you 'll do fine! A friend has Leukemia, went through chemo and radiation therapy, he is doing good now! Hair isn't all its cut out to be, just ask someone who is hair challenged! Now the mustache that's a different story, grew one after Navy boot camp in 73, seems to be a common theme here!
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