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  1. I actually built a saltwater battery once, many years ago. It produced a very small voltage i think it was less than a 1/2 volt (look up electro chemistry), no usable current . I used an aluminum coke can and a brass/bronze tube for the electrodes. I filled the can with salt water (the saltier the better), mounted the brass tube with electrical tape so it doesn't come in contact with the can I could measure a small voltage from it. My son was fascinated with it. It was too small to do any real work but the concept was there. after looking at it for a while examine the electrode it changes color (deterioration).
  2. sw9mm

    Small dick big gun syndrome

    Depends on the purpose, "because I want one" is good enough! My bother, a former rescue pilot on the North Slope carried a .44 mag and a .308 rifle everywhere he flew, Polar bears are nasty critters, some of the guys carried bigger guns, because they wanted to have a little extra insurance. There was a native Eskimo ( older gentleman) that carried a .22 - he killed a polar bear with it. Yes, he was way to close for comfort, but he knew what he was doing (questionable). I doesn't really matter what gun a person wants/uses as long as they can handle it properly/safely. If they want to carry a howitzer (if it were legal) - go for it. Just let me know before you shoot it! It still boils down to "size doesn't matter, its how you use it that counts"!
  3. sw9mm

    Former Justice J.P. Stevens Dead @ Age 99

    Oh well!, Next up is RBG!
  4. sw9mm

    Oh lawd

    Hope you have a two room dog house! I am sure you will be there a while.
  5. sw9mm

    Bond to be a female black. LMAO

    You said it all right there! all they can do is try to remake the old stuff, sometimes it works out but most of the time it doesn't. 99.9% of the good directors and story tellers are dead, all that is left are the whiners and creeps.
  6. How does that remove his ability to do harm? he may not be able to use that gun, but does he have another one? or other weapon? Who knows what the perp is capable of! IMO the victim is justified. If the perp had turned around or laid down (deescalating the event) it would be a different story, but he didn't.
  7. sw9mm

    The Louisiana Mosquito

    I thought they were bigger than that!
  8. We seem to have a lot of that around! UFO are everywhere, when I look up and see things it is usually WTF is that, then it gets closer - oh its a biplane (I live near a private fly in community, all the houses have a hangar) never know what you'll see over there. Lot of fun though, Alien craft is a different story, the jury is out on that one. Life on a another planet definitely, intelligent life out there (equivalent to human), Yes it is more than likely. Advanced intelligent life - probably. why not, IOW we are not alone! we just haven't met our neighbors yet. Or they haven't formally introduced themselves, maybe they are shy!
  9. Most spiders (outside) get a pass, indoors - they should have known better! Black Widows and Brown Recluse = toast!
  10. sw9mm

    Doomed......America is Doomed......

    It not you, its them that need to be shot! A bunch of *&^&^%n IDIOTS!
  11. sw9mm

    Thinking about a serious change.... Air Force

    Our Division officer was a Mustang -- he made it to CMDR! He was an enlisted for 20+ years before OCS! The 7th fleet Admiral (mid 70s) was an E3 in WWII, a Golden Shellback! he stuck with it!
  12. sw9mm

    Thinking about a serious change.... Air Force

    I agree, I just didn’t put in the details like schooling and other training. I just knew a few who did go to OCS. They were already E4/E5 and one E7. My shop chief (E7) went to OCS. I saw him once after he was commissioned, he came to my shop at NAS Miramar, I called him chief instead of Ensign. My shop supervisor jaw dropped. The Navy is a lot more into officer - enlisted separation than the other branches.The Ensign gave me permission to call him chief.
  13. sw9mm

    Thinking about a serious change.... Air Force

    Of course once you get in and into a squadron, you could probably apply to OCS. Internal option.
  14. sw9mm

    Thinking about a serious change.... Air Force

    My cousin went through Army boot camp and then to OCS. I think he was right around the mid 20's at the time.
  15. sw9mm

    Thinking about a serious change.... Air Force

    I don't know much about the AF, but OCS doesn't cap out at 25, I don't see how it could. I know a some enlisted that went through OCS in their mid 30's and one was in his 40's when he entered OCS he retired as an O5.