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  1. Yep, that's what the guards at the concentration camps said!
  2. Good morning from SE Texas Triple digit temps are back!
  3. sw9mm

    Darwin awards

    @Retcop I was referring to the guy that was getting some clam! I have seen clams while scuba diving but that never crossed my mind. Getting eaten by clam, with or without a beard, takes on a hole new meaning. The dude with the saw is definitely a prime candidate for the award though.
  4. The F B I retuned his passports! I guess they didn't want to add more gas to the fire!
  5. Hunter told daddy that Trump had some videos and pictures from the hard drive that he wanted back.
  6. -10 That high? The FBI has become the Federal Bureau of Insurrection. A flight risk, with no charges! A political hit that's all this is.
  7. Good morning from SE Texas
  8. Funny but real. #2 takes the cake IMO. https://thechive.com/2022/08/15/darwin-has-no-clue-how-these-people-made-it-this-far-30-photos/
  9. Those guys are worth their weight in gold and then some!
  10. something besides politics. They managed to get fusion ignition in a lab! A big step forward. https://thedebrief.org/we-have-ignition-remarkable-breakthrough-in-nuclear-fusion-represents-a-new-physics-milestone/
  11. Good morning from SE Texas
  12. Actually I am closer to Katy than RIchmond. Been in the Houston are for better past of 40 years and still haven't been to the east side! West and SW are the areas I am most familiar with. I have been all over Texas though. 99 loop isn't a loop yet. it stops at the SW Freeway.
  13. Good morning from SE Texas
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