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  1. 2 reps from TX (SJL (D) & Al Green (D)) have gun control laws they want to get passed. There is one Tx state rep (D) that is calling for gun control in the state! The Gov came out and declared we are a "2nd Amendment Sanctuary State". We fear the federal level more than the local efforts for establishing new gun control laws. the dems will get something passed they control it all. The Senate might be the tough one to get GC laws through.
  2. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from SE Texas
  3. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from SE Texas.
  4. Subic was mild. Bangkok was wild.
  5. So was Thailand, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan..... 40+ years ago. damn time flies.
  6. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from SE Texas
  7. Don’t you just love it when that happens?
  8. In SA, Houston it is 65, suggested, if you do 65 you might get a ticket for impeding traffic, if you don’t get run over. Outside SA it is 85 going west.
  9. The sped limit west of SA to El Paso is 80, it’s basically a straight road that vanishes into the horizon. That really means 90. The rest of the state is 75 (85). Whats wrong with a little beaver?
  10. sw9mm

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    Good Morning from SE Texas
  11. But here some of the .gov health experts and county judge ( elected position, non-judicial) are telling us to wear 2 masks, one on top of the other! It will never only get worse in the near future.
  12. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from SE Texas
  13. Then it will be coming to a neighborhood near you!
  14. We used to live in Boca Raton. I work out of Fort Lauderdale..
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