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  1. sw9mm


    If I have to wear a mask, it has been mandated here, I will wear one that protects me. I finally got a respirator with P100 filters. I am somewhat susceptible to respiratory issues so I will protect myself, I don’t expect others to.
  2. They will be treated like royalty there, unlike here!
  3. Shouldn’t be too hard to find them, Antifa still has a Facebook page! FB is purging the right wing groups though, for their violent content.
  4. She is one that bring a knife to a gun fight, not a good idea! All lives matter! Until they try to harm someone.
  5. sw9mm

    My Wife vs. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

    My wife wouldn't even notice it! She doesn't eat much ice cream! Leaves more for me!
  6. That's true! (is sew supposed to be screw?) they will screw it up! Right now they want open border to get enough people (illegal alien/dead) to vote for them so they can get in power. Only citizens get the vote, but we can't verify citizenship - no voter id allowed, potential (& real) fraud is written all over it. The donks will do anything to get in power.
  7. What’s the difference between a commie and a Donk? Just the spelling!
  8. They are the majority in the HR in Congress!
  9. We have our winners too! Right up there with the mayor of Seattle! Al Green, Sheila Jackson Lee, She should be forced to change her name! Jackson & Lee in one name!
  10. Well, all I can say is the congress critters I get to vote for are generally pretty good and support draining the swamp. I have little or no influence on the others, I vote where I live! . Sen: John Cornyn (R), Ted Cruz (R) HR: Pete Olson (R) retiring. New rep ?
  11. That hilarious! She negotiated ( gave them everything) in good faith and they repay like this! Does anyone think she learned from this? She probably thinks she didn’t do enough to help them, that why they are upset! Give an inch and they’ll never stop taking.
  12. sw9mm

    Hey MnP4me

  13. sw9mm

    Trump Voting Poll, Where the Armory is at...

    Trump is not the perfect candidate, his off the cuff remarks/comments sometimes make me raise and eyebrow! But he has done what he said he would do. That's not the norm for a Politician, of course he is not the typical politician. Overall I approve, better than 50%. If the congress worked with him instead of trying to impeach him all the time he (they) could do a lot better. I blame congress for most of the mess we are in.