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  1. Lets see how many donks get replaced in 2020. That will be interesting.
  2. Or glad to have the gator, it made her smile.
  3. They are all pretty stupid and have alienated a lot of the voters. I just saw that Booker wants us all to go through a licensing program to be able to buy a gun! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/cory-booker-wants-to-require-federal-license-for-gun-owners and they expect us to vote for them!
  4. Now this one has teeth! https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article230091664.html
  5. sw9mm

    Chewbaca Dead !

    https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/02/entertainment/peter-mayhew-star-wars-dead-trnd/index.html Peter Mahew, the guy that played Chewbaca in Star Wars has died! He was 74. RIP On the other side: A job opening for Michelle O!
  6. sw9mm

    Venezuela "Coup" Underway

    Give them time, either they haven't heard the news yet or they are trying to figure out what went wrong and how to spin it!
  7. sw9mm

    OK, I'm now officially old.

    I don't think pensions count. Our friend retired a few years ago from nursing, she is an RN. She has good med and decent retirement income, but wants to work, as long as she stays under 17K from work she will get her SS for that age. Of course there is always under the table income!
  8. sw9mm

    Denver trying to be just like Seattle?

    most of them need to clean up their lives! the rest need to be in asylums.
  9. sw9mm

    Denver trying to be just like Seattle?

    Co is in a downward spiral. Probably all that pot they smoke! Messes up the mind!
  10. sw9mm

    OK, I'm now officially old.

    a friend of ours is drawing SS early (she is 62) she is limited to $17K per year or she will lose SS money. I am waiting until 66 yrs and 2 mos. I am 64 &3 mo now!
  11. sw9mm

    Venezuela "Coup" Underway

    That is a preview if the dims get in power!
  12. sw9mm

    Sports illustrated swimsuit edition

    maybe they should add a goat in a bikini, might sell a few more mags in Mich.
  13. sw9mm

    Figured Since I was here....

    There were 2 tornadoes in that time lapsed video. I have been through my fair share of tornadoes, no thanks! Fantastic photos though
  14. sw9mm

    My daughter is going for the sweep!!

    Good Luck, hope she (and her school) gets another trophy, the hard way, they earned it!