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  1. sw9mm

    Texas judge fines city of Austin

    Yep, Austin is overflowing, like a backed up toilet!
  2. I saw a guy on bike the other on I-10 his shirt was being blown up by the wind (typical) in his waist band on his right side of his lower back was a gun, I pointed it out to my wife. He eventually realized it and tucked his shirt around it. While at Buckeys in Katy there was a black guy with a gun under his shirt (OWB) walking out of the bathroom, when his shirt moved his gun was visible. No one was concerned, there were probably a dozen guns that you couldn't see in the vicinity, I know for fact there was at least one I have no issues with people who open carry but I don't unless hunting, I keep it concealed.
  3. sw9mm

    Twin Sisters in Detroit Absolutely Rock

    that is great! hope it rubs off on others!
  4. sw9mm

    So....I did a thing. Going back to get learned

    Go for it! Keep learning, it can only help in the future. I started to college at 31 and graduated with a CS degree. it was worth every minute of it. Cyber Security is a good field to get in.
  5. sw9mm

    Gillett razor

    you cant do that, that would be racist! Its their culture! Sometimes you have to let "boys be boys"! as long as they don't go to far, as in harassing (bullying) others, etc... We used to jump of the pick nick table playing superman, get rough and tumble with friends if someone got hurt (not seriously) it was suck it up and keep going . we didn't have the inet or video games or cell phones - like many here, we were just boys doing what boys do. "Toxic Masculinity" won WWII. Toxic Masculinity is only toxic to pussies. Gillette we know where they are now! I haven't had a Gillette product in years. I see no reason to use them.
  6. And they will turn it into the s**t hole they left! That's how they work.
  7. sw9mm

    Whoopie! Guess what just came in the mail?

    LTC is only $25.00 fee for Vets in TX, original and renewal every 5 years.
  8. sw9mm

    Wearing Perscription Glasses when shooting

    same here. I will say that I could not wear my previous progressives while driving or at the range, only reading and at work. The neutral part was never right! I talked to the Dr and she had to add prisms to them, that solved the blurriness issue.
  9. The dink’s are just tyrants. They need to be removed from power, all of them!
  10. sw9mm

    A visit from the Secret Service

    The left gets a pass! Didn't Madonna say she thought about blowing up the White House at the Cat Hat march?
  11. sw9mm

    I got baked today and I enjoyed it

    or thin crust?
  12. sw9mm

    I hate funerals

    Thanks guys! It is never easy losing a family member. My dad was 74, mom was 86. I am thinking about reconsidering my retirement plans! My family typically has long lives, mid 80s to over 100. It seems like they are leaving us earlier now! He was in the Navy in the early 70s ( we are a military family, all have served) and a heavy smoker, he just wouldn't quit! The really sad thing is his granddaughter got married yesterday, he couldn't travel so he missed the wedding! /rant
  13. sw9mm

    I hate funerals

    Well, damn, my oldest brother just passed away this afternoon. He was only 70, had a heart attact at home. Ill be in a Dallas soon for the funeral. Prayers for him are welcome
  14. sw9mm

    Doorbell licker

    Then he got a lot stranger since HS!
  15. Just another reason to not move to Cali. Beautiful state but the politics destroyed it. I have had one citation (back in my youth) for loud exhaust, I was running Cherry Bomb mufflers on a 65 Mustang, the thrushes on my 70 Stang never cought any adverse attention, sounded great too!. How does driving recklessly have any relationship to exhaust sound! the driver is responsible! I guess the muffler make people do bad things! You can still do donuts and drive recklessly with stock mufflers!