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  1. sw9mm

    Will Corporate Money Diminish the 2A?

    I do business with one. I will start looking for someone else to do business with.
  2. sw9mm

    Don't Mess with Texas (Activate Volume)

    She carries hers in a wheel barrow!
  3. sw9mm

    AWB in the Future?

    If Trump allows any gun control, we should just elect a dim and get the ball rolling so we can get it over with!
  4. sw9mm

    Walmart bans man for life for open carry

    In Tx they have to post the official sign and only the official sign 30.07 to prevent open carry or personally ask you no to, then you must comply, according to the law, or you could be arrested. BTW, a hand written one doesn't have any meaning! They can announce it all they want on TV, they need a sign to meet the requirements of the law. https://codes.findlaw.com/tx/penal-code/penal-sect-30-07.html https://texas.concealedcarry.com/2019/01/18/30-06-and-30-07-signs-where-cant-you-carry-in-texas/
  5. sw9mm

    AWB in the Future?

    According to the Media and the Dimwits 90% of Americans want gun control! One dimwit even said Trumps leadership on Gun Control could help Trumps chance of re-election! Where do they get their numbers? - I know a butt pull!
  6. sw9mm

    Where were you on 9/11?

    I was at work when one of the guys said a plane crashed into the World Trade Center, we thought it was a small airplane, we turned on the TV in the conference room to see what was happening. We saw the second aircraft hit the tower, simultaneously we all said "Oh Shat"! We were all in disbelief!
  7. The Gun MFR & reseller don't have the medical info the NJ Gov wants them to have, and cant get it due to the privacy laws, they already do background checks. He has lost his liberal mind! https://www.nationalreview.com/news/new-jersey-will-refuse-to-do-business-with-banks-retailers-that-resist-stricter-gun-control-measures/ The Gun people should just stop selling to NJ, let see what they will do then!
  8. He self identifies as a jack ass! He proves it every day
  9. sw9mm

    Father-in-Law Funeral Today

    Taps are the hard part! Always choke up when the bugler starts playing Taps!
  10. sw9mm

    did something stupid this weekend

    Take it easy for a while, broken anything, esp ribs, are not fun! I'm only 64 and every time I bump something with my arm it bruises and sometimes bleeds, it looks bad, my wife wants me to wear long sleeve shirts!! I don't take any blood thinners either! I figured out what those golden years are! They are referring to the creamed corn you have to eat! Fortunately I liked creamed corn!
  11. Including a lot of RINOS!
  12. sw9mm

    Modern equipment

    Yep, My uncle was a Police Officer (in San Antonio then in Okla.) for 30+ years, he retired in the late 70s. He also fought in Europe in WWII and participated in the "Battle of the Bulge". After the war he was on the PD Pistol shooting team, a real expert! He never once pulled his gun while on duty! He didn't think anyone should have guns or wear seat belts (he would not wear one - ever)!! He was as conservative as they come but guns were not something he cared about at all.
  13. sw9mm

    Coming to a town close to you next

    A little Bubonic Plague would be a nice touch!
  14. sw9mm

    Just Back From My Initial VA Doc's Appointment

    You will just have to keep getting your fix from the Banana Split dealer.
  15. sw9mm

    Who has my Voodoo doll?