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  1. I know what you mean, win 7 was stable and just worked still works on my personal desktop PC. Windows upgrade fails and says to get a new PC! I may see Linux in that PCs future. my laptop is Win 10 pro. I use Win 10- Enterprise on my work PC.
  2. sw9mm

    Now we finally know his true identity!

    O says “how much $ you want?” Trump says “up yours”! See the difference?
  3. sw9mm

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    My first job (outside the family business) was working at McDonalds (the first McD in town), they still had the # of burgers made on the sign, a few million at the time. I didn't last long there! Hated it. I graduated to making Pizzas at Pizza Inn, stayed there until I graduated from HS and went in the Navy.
  4. sw9mm

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    Ben Franklin 5 & dime store, Gibsons - precursors to Wally world and KMart. Yep! I remember Doctors making house calls. Our Dr was Dr Ray, in SW Oklahoma, remember him well, came to house several times for me! Swimming in 110 deg heat - got bad sunburns!
  5. sw9mm

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    I remember when you could leave the house unlocked and the keys in the car and nothing would come up missing. Sleeping with doors and windows open to get a breeze and stay cool at night, it was only in the 90s! The water cooled, evaporative air conditioned was for when it got hot! Climbing trees and going barefoot all summer. gas was .25/gal and .15 in a gas war. A candy bar was.05. Mowing lawns ($1.75 per lawn) and returning coke bottles for candy money. I’d get a $5.00 bill and thought I was loaded! When I started driving gas was $0.35/ gal. The Mercury and Gemini space program with the original 7 astronauts. It was Cape Canaveral, not Kennedy. You could mail order firearms from Sears.
  6. I shave in the shower, for over 45 years I use regular soap, with double or triple edge razor. I have tried all the others but always fall back on the throw away razor. Once in a while I’ll skip a day or two.
  7. sw9mm

    Cuddly & Cute

    did you notice where his paws are?
  8. If only I were a rich Mac user. My current PC has a 6 core Zeon and is FAST! but nothing like this. https://news.yahoo.com/apples-most-advanced-mac-pro-configuration-costs-52-111953602.html Must be nice!
  9. sw9mm

    Yay! Monday again!

    How appropriate for a Monday!
  10. sw9mm

    Almost forgot. Yea, it's Monday.

    I was driving with the wife on the Beltway (Sam Houston toll road in Houston), some guy in a Silverado was towing a Suburban on a trailer, the trailer started swinging back and forth almost tipping over. The Silverado almost lost it all but the driver managed to get it under control and shut it down. All the other traffic was backing off, giving him lots of room and staying away.
  11. sw9mm

    Hey Srgt. Hulka

  12. sw9mm

    Almost forgot. Yea, it's Monday.

    it certainly tried! The driver was lucky! Looks like he chocked one of the tires, there is a 4x4 on the side of the trailer by the spare tire !
  13. sw9mm

    An Ask yourselves WHY ?

    I think most agree in concept, I certainly do. I think a rope and a tall tree overhanging a very high cliff would be more appropriate for her and her minions, plus a few others I can think of!.