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  1. That’s a wireless modem chip, no physical connection needed for communications. Uses LTE like a cellphone data link.
  2. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from SE Texas
  3. That's fast! https://www.space.com/12670-superfast-hypersonic-military-aircraft-darpa-htv2.html
  4. Or the pointy end of a Pick Axe. I wonder if any R's will bring up WACO in his confirmation hearing?
  5. Actually the Jews didn't ignore Hitler, they knew what he was doing, allowed him to disarm them and the rest is history, We know what bidet is doing, I hear/read him, I just can't stand watching him in a news conference, so I ignore him, esp when he is lying (when doesn't he lie?).
  6. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from SE Texas
  7. The scariest part were the RED FLAG laws and the anti-gun appointments he is making. Make the feared ar15 an NFA item and then there is his "no amendment is absolute" bs. I just ignore him.
  8. The only real pandemic we have was created by the bidet/harris admin with odumbo officiating behind the curtains. Hey joe bidet and heals up harris
  9. 15 rounds of 9mm can go a long ways (before mag change).
  10. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from SE Texas
  11. You do realize you are going to ruin your supper with all that! Then what will you eat for breakfast tomorrow?
  12. sw9mm

    Good Morning!

    God morning from SE Texas
  13. Cool, but that would lead to a shortage of flints if everyone rushes out to get one!
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