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  1. There is a place by wake island called the “Kitty Hawk Triangle”. That is where the above incident happened and, in about the same spot, in the prior cruise (74) the same boiler room caught fire and killed 4 sailors. They said the smell lingered for months. I wasn’t on that cruise.
  2. We had closer to 5000 guys on board! We went dead in the water for about a week by Wake Island (no docks there!) we blew a feed line (18 inch) to the main boiler, it flooded the #1 main machinery room! We had no Power, no steam (No aircraft could launch - steam catapults), no fresh water! We were a sitting duck! They did manage to get the backup generator running, a huge 4 cylinder diesel engine, only used for powering the radar and essential equipment and lighting, NO A/C! The Capt would steer us through a rain storm and everyone would go to the flight deck and rinse off! this went on until we could repair the 18 inch main water feed line. Every one was either on the hangar deck (same level as the fantail) or the flight deck.
  3. imagine The fantail is 30 feet from the surface! (Aircraft Carrier) THIS^ and while the deck is dropping away (in a storm) and you are holding on to more than one thing and the A/C is out, in the Tropics! 102 F is a breeze! When you can go between decks with out touching the steps! (if you time it right - otherwise its hurt city)
  4. He is a County Judge - they are elected managers and are basically like a mayor but for the County. Not a court of Law judge.
  5. They get real upset if you go on the deck though, even if you manage to dig a hole in it! We didn't have any bushes either. Actually we were never too far from dirt you might get wet trying to find it though, we had one guy try - he may have found the dirt but we never found him! No, you cant just hang over this side and take care of business, some probably have but it is not recommended.
  6. sw9mm

    Bernie Dropped out

    Not VP. Biden said he would have a female VP! I don't think Sanders fits that bill, but you never know now days! Sanders will be back for the 2024 races though, just watch! Regardless it still "Trump 2020".
  7. We had the troughs in elementary school too! It just isn't what we think of as a Urinal. It looks like they will use airline type of toilets? How is that going to work? Store the stuff and unload it later, like an airliner, I don't think that is plausible? They will still use saltwater for flushing - UNIsex Heads - IDK!
  8. We didn't have urinals either, Kitty Hawk Class, we had troughs and toilets!
  9. sw9mm

    Double Tap Posts

    I noticed! Thanks!
  10. sw9mm

    Vet's home infected

    No they don't deserve this! maybe they can stop it with the one, They have already been through enough.
  11. Different letters of the alphabet!? For a lot of them that is about the only difference! What a freaking mess!
  12. sw9mm

    Behold the Face of the DEMENTED and DERANGED

    I don't see any issues with that, a PSA by the POTUS, could have positive results.
  13. typically no more than 25%, avg around 15-20%. We have only ordered once, online, since this mess started and they didn't have a tip line, so I wasn't paying attention to it.
  14. so far the only ones complaining how bad it is are the democrat / blue states. We have quit a bit here (2000 cases+) and the .gov is repositioning the fed resources, taking them away from us, to help the other hot spots! Those who are complaining the most. The squeky wheel gets the grease!
  15. That's not good! A ship is the last place you want the virus!