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  1. I have a liberal friend, we agree on a few things politically- Congress is wasting our money and needs to be mostly replaced
  2. what a circle jerk! bunch schiffed faced clowns. We are wasting a tone of taxpayer money on these dumb schiffs. they started choking when the Rs started asking questions.
  3. sw9mm

    Hey gshayd

  4. Unfortunately, I think it is already in the wrong hands!
  5. I guess Hollywood needs to find talent somewhere! Bring back the dead! https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/celebrity/james-dean-set-star-new-film-through-digital-resurrection-horrifying-n1078051
  6. sw9mm

    Hey youngod

  7. sw9mm

    Its Halloween Tonight

    We had a decent showing, half a bag of candy left though. I am going to get fatter!
  8. sw9mm

    Hey geepee3

    Happy Birthday!
  9. sw9mm

    Looks as if Jeffrey Epstein will be revived

    How much does she know? Bill was is friend!
  10. sw9mm

    Useless women-lit the wood stove

    I had a friend (an MD) who was in a serious relationship with another MD, after they were engaged she decided he should help her pay for her med school loans! He said NOPE, Bye! She was a "Gold Digger".
  11. sw9mm

    Saw this Today OK Open Carry Video

    That's cool! I was raised in OK. My brother lives there.
  12. sw9mm

    The Kid didn't bag enough cash it appears

    Hmm, is hunter a member of any corporate boards of companies in Azerbaijan yet? Joe needs all the financial help he can get!
  13. sw9mm

    Getting a warning is unlikely...

    We were driving through the DFW area one day (many years ago) and this lady wanted to pass us so bad - it was relatively heavy traffic. Eventually she got to go around us, a few minutes later we see her on the side of the road talking to a police officer, we waved and she gave us a look that could kill!
  14. sw9mm

    On the menu?

    Don't let Pete Buttigieg see that!
  15. Thanks, you just gave me a project! I need to set up my reloading bench but I just don't have much bench space. I have a fold-able work bench very similar to that one and I have a place that will fit! I am going to steal you basic idea, if you don't mind?.