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  1. spyder207

    Bohica Mk-III

    Just got my Bohica in on Friday. Haven't had a chance to put it on a lower yet, but damn is it nice! I bought 100 rounds of surplus a few months back for under $300.00.
  2. I went with the one from Copes, no problems here, does everything I need and seems to be of similar if not the same quality.
  3. spyder207

    this is Amazing news for a proud Dad

    That's awesome, congrats!
  4. spyder207

    Some new parts...quad rail & pmag

    Looks good, great pictures too!
  5. Wasn't sure where to put this but I am looking for buttstock options for a rifle I am building with a 50 cal upper. If you have any suggestions please post them with a link to who sells the item. I have my lower built already with a PSG1 grip.
  6. Just got my LPK from M&A today and installed it in my Esential Arms lower. Everything fit extremely well and while I can't identify who makes the parts, the quality seemed real good. I would recommend ordering from them as I ordered the LPK and a PSG1 grip Saturday and it came in today.
  7. spyder207

    Stripped lowers

    Call Essential Arms.
  8. Great information, thanks. I can't wait to read through all of this.
  9. spyder207


    Thats the vundo virus, real bad stuff. I'd download Malwarebytes asap and update it then run a complete scan. Many antivirus softwares cannot fix this and do not detect it. It self propogates each time you reboot, so try to minimize rebooting as much as possibleuntil you know you are clean.
  10. spyder207

    The 2-Million Bullet Barackade

    Wow, that's a lot of trained marksman to be bringing in, what if one of them wants to take him out?
  11. spyder207

    Stag Arms 5H Purchased

    You got a good deal due to the volume Pete is currently selling on his GB. Good man, good (family)business, no need to worry.
  12. spyder207

    Fallout 3 Hints, Tips and Tricks

    Yall may already know this but if you blow Megatron you get a much nicer suite in Tinpenny tower as a reward.