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  1. GoldnBullet

    LaRue Tactical MBT-2S vs Geissle SSA

    Thanks, that is along the lines of what I have heard.
  2. With the LaRue MBT's Pre-Christmas price of $87 vs Black Friday SSA's at $150. Is the the SSA worth the extra $$$ for non-precision work.
  3. GoldnBullet

    Christmas Sales

    I second that. Debating what flavor of Ramen noodles I want to buy now.
  4. GoldnBullet

    Christmas Sales

    Geissele already had their Black Friday sales. SSA Trigger was $160sh from $240. PSA is still doing some sales (not as good as Blk Friday) and Brownells are on or off throughout.
  5. GoldnBullet

    PSA Premium BCG For $59.99

    How do these stack up against Top Tier Mil-Spec BCGs such as BCM and DD? Would this be a Range only BCG?
  6. ???? No Markings on the upper except for OEM parts and Addax's name.
  7. GoldnBullet

    H&K parts kits available, Yikes!

    LWRC to the Rescue... Please
  8. Now that Stag has revamped their rilfe linup to include many if not all reatures of Top Tier Manufacturers, what is the concensus on them? How would they compare to the likes of BCM and LMT? Some General Specs: Twist Rate: 1/7 Button Rifled Barrel: 16", 4150 Steel, Chrome Lined, Government Profile, Manganese Phosphate Coated Bolt Carrier: Mil-Spec Manganese Phosphate coated M16 BCG Barrell Options: Mid-length and Carbine
  9. I have 2x Primary Arms 1-6x24mm SFP Gen 3 Scopes with Illuminated ACSS Reticles - New in Box Lifetime Warranty from Primary Arms Scope #1: 1-6x24mm ACSS Illuminated Reticle for 5.56/5.45/.308 Scope #2: 1-6x24mm ACSS Illuminated Reticle for 300BLK/7.62x39mm $200 + Plus Shipping PER Scope Pics: .
  10. GoldnBullet

    Scope Options

    I am looking recommendations scopes for short to medium range for 223/556 and 7.62x39 rifles. I have been Googling and Searching but there are so many options. I would prefer something that could be used tactically, is tough and quality, meaning if you drop/abuse it.
  11. GoldnBullet

    Breaking Point for a Gun Ban/AWB

    The news is already talking about an ASW Ban. HLN Network Quote: "65% of Americans Polled want an AWB".
  12. GoldnBullet

    Breaking Point for a Gun Ban/AWB

    Not trying to be that guy, but I am a millennial (on the older end of that age range) and I see how many in my generation have swung towards the liberal side of gun control. On top of this many have grown up without being familiar with guns and or trained on them. With the Media slant against all guns in addition to this to brainwash the many. I don't see us addressing the Mental Health or the Law Enforcement aspect to prevent Mass Shootings (as most of the past attacks have been on Leo's radar) anytime soon. Also we know how much the Dems want an AWB similar to '94 at the minimum, they really to ban all guns. At What point, After How many Shootings will some sort of Legislation be coming. To hear Right Now Republicans control Congress and the POTUS is not an answer as that Can and Will Eventually Change.
  13. Thanks. I am considering it. That or Parting Ways with an Unfired BCM Keymod BFH ELW complete Upper. Wanting to fund other Projects.