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  1. GoldnBullet

    Anything Colt Post Here

    With Colt announcing that they will be 'pausing production' for the civilian market are they worth it a discounted cost? What pros over the competition does Colt have? (Other than paying for the name) I have heard their barrels are more accurate than other 'rack grade' barrels.
  2. GoldnBullet

    AWB in the Future?

    Asking hypothetically, due to the number of Republicans and the way the national media portrays things. If Trump does not win in 2020, an AWB is forsure. However if Trump does win, is it that safe since he already banned bump stocks?
  3. GoldnBullet

    Colt LE6960 Upper

    What issues do you have buying from Colt? I am no Colt fanboy but, have never owned one.
  4. GoldnBullet

    Colt LE6960 Upper

    I was considering that, but for a brand new upper and having to remove the rail I will let the factory catch their mistake. I also moved into a location where I don't have a workbench.
  5. GoldnBullet

    Colt LE6960 Upper

    I recently bought a Colt LE6960 Stripped Upper off of Brownells for $508 shipped, however once I inspected the upper I noticed 'gouges' in the end of the gas tube that interfaces with the gas key. I just learned today that Colt will stop selling 'Complete Rifles' to the commercial market. I did notice that the quality and 'refinement' was less than the BCM's I have or inspected, with the BCM equivalent costing around $600 . Also Colt Barrel is only MPI not HPT tested when compared to a BCM, not a biggie as not going to war but a plus. I am sending the defective colt upper back to Brownells for a refund....However: Should I exchange the defective Colt upper with another one or just wait for a BCM ELW down the road....
  6. GoldnBullet

    Concealed Carry Fanny Packs

    Which concealed carry fanny packs do you prefer. I am looking to do biking with athletic shorts and need something smaller (nothing that can fit anything larger than G19, really probably a Kahr CW9/CM9). There are alotta options.
  7. GoldnBullet

    Too many ARs ???

    How do you decide what AR parts and or uppers to sell if you are wanting to pay off bills and credit cards?
  8. GoldnBullet

    11.5"ish Pistol Build

    I am looking for opinions on options for 11.5"ish Pistol barrels. I would like to keep at least that length for a pistol build for "truck gun" with a law tactical folder. Not wanting gov profiles. Top 3 Options so far: ADM 12" Nitride (Criterion) - Hand lapped - Wylde Chamber More Accuracy - Slightly longer for more velocity with fmj BA 11.3 Hanson Performance Series - Nickel Boron Extension Flaking? - Accurate BCM ELW 11.5" - BCM
  9. GoldnBullet

    Criterion vs FN CHF Barrels

    The military primarily uses chrome lining because it holds up to the heat and high rate of automatic fire better. Faxon firearms has stated this and for 90% of civilian shooters Nitride is better but for selective fire/full auto chrome lining is better and why their "full auto" line is also chrome lined.
  10. GoldnBullet

    Criterion vs FN CHF Barrels

    I was looking for your opinion on your pros of each. Basically, if you want Percision you go Criterion, if you want something that can be abused...CHF. Thanks
  11. Looking for Opinions on Both: Criterion Barrels vs FN CHF ( taking the profile differences out). Which would be preferable? I have been told by gunsmiths and barrel makers CHF is only a cheap way to pump out barrels. (Criterion has a Wyde chamber which shud give it an advantage accuracy wise, but that much?) Criterions Eval. Probably an FN PSA Barrel
  12. I am looking for opinions on rails, more specifically the Geissle MK14 vs others (other than the slight weight increase and lack of mounting positions compared to say the mcmr). I was set on the Midwest Industries CRM-14, but Geissle is having a Holiday Sale.
  13. GoldnBullet

    AR Pistol Opinions?

    Seeing that in 5.56 an minimal of a 11.5 inch barrel is optimal (dwell timing increase over 10.5 and XM193 fragments far better with the increased length), and the length difference only being 4.5" vs a 16" barrel (will leave 14.5" out bc you have to pin them), Is there much practicality to AR pistols in 5.56/.223? I have none and looking towards the future. If in favor is something to have 1 lying around or more? X-mas sales are coming up so why I ask...Great Deals await. 300AAC Blackout is a different story, but more $$$ and I do not reload at this point.
  14. GoldnBullet

    LaRue Tactical MBT-2S vs Geissle SSA

    Thanks, that is along the lines of what I have heard.
  15. With the LaRue MBT's Pre-Christmas price of $87 vs Black Friday SSA's at $150. Is the the SSA worth the extra $$$ for non-precision work.