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  1. ZW17

    Strangest suicides...

    I witnessed a couple driving on one of the local highways drive straight into the back of a parked semi on the side of the road doing 80+ mph. I was driving the other way and pulled up on the accident not a minute after it happened. Being a firefighter and trained NYS first responder at one time I swung across the median to see if I could help save a life. I watched the male passenger take his last breath and there was nothing left to do on the female driver. Both people were decapitated. The state police captain said it was the worst car accident he had seen in his 30 years of service. It was by far the worst I had seen and I was a jaws of life/rescue tech for a fire dept. It was later ruled a suicide after a friend came forward and said they had been having marriage and drug problems and the female driver called to say goodbye just moments before the crash. Both victims were from Virgina. The driver of the truck didn't fair too well either from what I was later told. He was a mess at the scene.
  2. ZW17

    I'm an attention whore....

    Awww man I miss riding. I gave it up because I knew I would become an organ donor. Looks like a ton of fun.
  3. Yup, the local newspaper online says he was with a dive partner. This could get hairy for him. Newspaper article
  4. ZW17

    1st annual NE Shoot

    I take it that this fizzled out?
  5. No idea, I just saw it on the news on TV and googled it. In the news story they said he was tangled in a dive line (whatever that is?) and nothing about a dive buddy. Murder?
  6. Your screen name and this story go funny together.
  7. COLLINS LANDING, N.Y. -- The remains of a scuba diver missing for decades were found in the St. Lawrence River. Recreational divers found the remains, covered with soot and zebra mussels, on Sunday in the narrows between Wellesley Island the American bank of the river, about 20 miles north of Watertown........... Read the rest of the story here.....
  8. ZW17

    What is your best cheap gun

    Mossberg 500 that I bought off a friend for $100
  9. ZW17

    Ever seen an Albino Deer?

    Yes, we have a abandoned army base in Seneca NY that has a 10' high fence around a few thousand acres, they have a few hundred albino deer inside the wire and because they are trapped in there the gene keeps getting passed on. SENECA ARMY DEER ETA - Link
  10. ZW17

    Some more hunter humor

    That was pretty funny. I wish they had more footage of the cop and the guy with the baseball bat.
  11. ZW17

    I'm in

    :beer2: Hi
  12. I cring thinking about pulling the trigger on that thing.
  13. ZW17

    Mean mother this one

  14. ZW17

    Mean mother this one

    And he is 22. Damn! She had him at 15yrs. old. I bet you back then she never knew her son would be worth over $100 million dollars.