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    hunting, fishing, shooting sports, ammo reloading, casting, biking, BBQing ;)

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  1. Just have one question, is this about correct: Hodgdon H335 ---> 26.7 charge CCi primer Hornady ? What was the bullet weight on your 223 pet load, and is that the correct charge, I'd like to turn some out. Thanks great job on the tutorial.
  2. Sierra 168gr Match king HP Boat Tail Varget - 45gr Federal Gold Match Primers 1/2 MOA from my 700 Remington BDL good overall load an would work well on all ie "Dangerous" animals ;)
  3. 200SWC H&G #68 I've casted, I roll my own. Back in the day I collected about 3/4 ton of lead in ingots form various sources so my bullet cost is only my time ie blood lead levels, "respirator required."
  4. skeeter

    Pa Site here?

    Near Harrisburg here, hello . . . . yeah I'm a shooter, ammo reloader, and a AR builder now "greets"
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