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  1. I scuffed the finish on my barrel near the muzzle brake any suggestions on a repair? Thanks in advance Larry
  2. I've seen the accuwedge your talking about, what does it do & where does it go? Thanks Larry
  3. Is it normal to have play between the upper & lower receiver? mine has like .007 using a feeler guage between the two halves. Thanks Larry
  4. Guess it's only us, I'm out S.W. of downtown Spokane
  5. No range report as of yet, My local indoor range I'm a member at is for handguns only, & with all the snow we been getting here I can't get to my property to shoot. Soon I hope Larry
  6. check out the bottom row of flutes on the right closest to the buffer tube, notice the roll pins they are run through the stock & buffer tube. My DPMS came like that from the factory,
  7. Anyone using one of these if so what brand & where to get? Thanks Larry
  8. See through rings that came with the scope, The scope itself is a Sightmark 3-9x40 mil dot 1/4 moa.
  9. My new DPMS AP4, Sightmark 3-9x40 mil dot scope, ATI Grip & stock
  10. 06vrsca

    DPMS AP4

    Here in the Pacific NW I just paid 875 for my AP4 a month ago, After talking to a wholesaler he thought that was a da-"m good price for our area,They are flying off the shelves everywhere here.
  11. Anyone from Wa state? East side of the mountains.
  12. 06vrsca

    Great day

    Hope you all on the board have a Happy Thanksgiving
  13. How many of you followed the manufacture's break in procedure? is it necessary?
  14. What is available for a cheek rest for the O.E. DPMS stock? Thanks Larry
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