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  1. I use to go there , l would eat once a month. Never go there again . Die CFL.
  2. Well at least he found it! Score one.
  3. God sending the plague to evil unholy areas of the country. Baltimore is next
  4. Democraps go to other countries all the time behind Americas back. Why bring in Somalians to middle America? To overwhelm the conservatives votes. Why bring in infected people to middle America? To kill off the deplorables. Not hard to figure out. Think like democrap.
  5. So Bloomberg spends a Billion to beat Trump. How much to defeat SATIN? I we defeat Satin all the democraps parish, right?
  6. Can you imagine if politicians were like dogs! How great would this country be!
  7. I am glad I didn't reply to this thread. As I would be on terrorist t watch list.
  8. How about a flag background and move "This is America" to just above "You have been warned". And ditch the underlines. I second that!
  9. Don't get the Gobment Started. I got lots of Knives. Had a few guns till the boating accident of 09. I need somethin to cut my apples!, dam it!
  10. Hey! You got the rest of the week to recover for FRIDAY! Look on the bright side!
  11. Rampy. Your from Marshalltown and you don't think Zeno's is the best Pizza? What's wrong with you?
  12. Well at least they didn't write queer on it.
  13. Wal mart has 1200 rounds of 9X19 metal 50 cal ammo cans for 189.00, clearance, regular $495.00 Is this any good? I have read it has issues with primer blowing out. $495.00 is way much, but on clearance, is it worth the risk? Experience anyone?
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