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  1. So Bloomberg spends a Billion to beat Trump. How much to defeat SATIN? I we defeat Satin all the democraps parish, right?
  2. glock45

    Dogs do not forget

    Can you imagine if politicians were like dogs! How great would this country be!
  3. I am glad I didn't reply to this thread. As I would be on terrorist t watch list.
  4. glock45

    Input needed on T-shirt design I'm working on.

    How about a flag background and move "This is America" to just above "You have been warned". And ditch the underlines. I second that!
  5. glock45

    Mass Stabbing Incident / Where's the Outcry?

    Don't get the Gobment Started. I got lots of Knives. Had a few guns till the boating accident of 09. I need somethin to cut my apples!, dam it!
  6. glock45

    Egads! I forgot it's Monday.

    Hey! You got the rest of the week to recover for FRIDAY! Look on the bright side!
  7. glock45

    “Best” Chicago Pizza is...........

    Rampy. Your from Marshalltown and you don't think Zeno's is the best Pizza? What's wrong with you?
  8. |Have a PSA mid length ar 15 16 inch barrel, shoots excellent. I bought a .223 18 inch rifle length upper from Primary Arms. I didn't think I could swap out the uppers and get away with it. It failed to eject and feed. My question is what must I replace to use this rifle length upper? Just a rifle buffer spring or more? Thanks in advance.
  9. glock45

    Your mission should you choose to accept it

    Well at least they didn't write queer on it.
  10. Wal mart has 1200 rounds of 9X19 metal 50 cal ammo cans for 189.00, clearance, regular $495.00 Is this any good? I have read it has issues with primer blowing out. $495.00 is way much, but on clearance, is it worth the risk? Experience anyone?
  11. glock45

    Crazy Sequence of Events

    Just a normal day in Florida.
  12. Radical Firearms made the upper. Complete but for the BCG and Charging handle. Magpul adjustable stock. Have mid length buffer now. Thanks.
  13. I am afraid we are a dying breed. You must now look at everything in the correct perspective. How much money can be made from a dead guy vs. a live political pawn. Hence the M13 allowed in the country by PIglosee. No pain no gain, for some.
  14. glock45

    Smoke Detectors/Alarms

    I am a fire alarm inspector for the state of Iowa. This I do for a living. These devices go bad. People need to know carbon monoxide detectors go bad after 5 years, and need to be replaced. You need to be informed when these devices are of no practical use. You would not believe what I encounter on a daily basis.
  15. glock45

    Cold Civil War

    Sure there is. It's called the 1st, 2nd, 9th, 10th Amendments. And then there's that oft-forgotten / neglected piece of paper called The Declaration of Independence. That little line; "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Amen brother!
  16. Screw her. Harding was more bad ass. Never liked the little princess.
  17. glock45

    Missed me! Ronald Reagan humor

    Are you not entertained!? To quote a famous movie.
  18. glock45

    My Daughter's latest drawing. **Update**

    Very nice! I always enjoy you sharing these pictures with the armory. One of the best thread topics ever!
  19. That's a pointless expenditure of money. The NRA is not a Republican organization. But in any case, the money should be going to candidates. Candidates are pointless if overturned by the supreme court.
  20. glock45

    Population ranks

    USA with 370 million. Maybe 20 million will fight. You would have to crawl over 350 million to shoot someone! Really!
  21. glock45

    Levi Strauss joins everytown.

    My big a$$ can't fit in Levis anymore. Screw them. Bring it!
  22. glock45

    UC Berkeley Offers Class on ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’

    It's only going to make shooting these people more fun!!
  23. glock45

    Dueling funerals

    One word....BACON. Watch it. Worship it. Eat it!