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  1. Vom Kriege

    Riot/Protest Control

    I was a munitions specialist and team leader on a "crowd control team" for quite some time. We deployed for one of the G8 Summits and once when that bunch out of Kansas showed up at a soldier's funeral. For the funeral, we setup in a basement near the funeral and stayed out of sight. For the G8, we were stationed at the command center in case the pillaging hordes came there. Area denial is the big thing. The goal isn't to arrest people; it is to get them to leave.
  2. Vom Kriege

    As an Officer what is your forte....

    I've done pretty well the entire gambit. I will admit that a stint in CID made me a much better patrol supervisor when I went back to patrol than I would have been had I been promoted to SGT without going through CID first. Having that investigative experience allowed me to better train the people on my shift to start handling things on their own rather than just writing a report and sending it up to CID. That being said, I am a patrol guy through and through. I've never been undercover and never will be, but I have worked on the periphery of numerous dope investigations. Working dope is something that holds absolutely no interest for me. I'm just not unorganized enough to deal with that world. I'm command staff now, and I love to aggravate the investigators by saying that is where we put people that couldn't cut it in patrol. I take it further by saying that working drugs is where we put folks that can't make it in investigations.
  3. Vom Kriege

    New Wheels, Anyone ?

    Here's the problem with the new crop of PPV packages: they are all designed around city cops and completely forget deputies working for full service Sheriff's Offices. It's one thing to stuff somebody into the back of a mid-size sedan and drive them across town to the jail. It's quite another to haul a prisoner across the state or even from several states away on an extradition. The smaller compartments also impact the driver as to fit cages into the cars means pushing up the driver seats. They also seem to forget that sometimes folks outside of urban areas also have to drive dirt roads or in less than stellar conditions, but these little front wheel drive packages just won't hold up to such driving. We have put our patrol supervisors in Chevy 1500 four door pickups, and we are now buying Tahoe PPVs to replace our Crown Vics.
  4. Vom Kriege

    Creekside Carbine Rediness Course

    Ran across this:
  5. Vom Kriege

    Ruger Security Six

    Rock solid revolver...
  6. Vom Kriege

    Mossberg 930 SPX

    Sweet. I like the charging handle and the clamp.
  7. Vom Kriege

    LEO DUI question

    Roger that big time!!
  8. Vom Kriege


    To each his own. I prefer 9mm to .40SW. Suppressors are fun
  9. Vom Kriege


    I don't know the legalities of it all, but there are some converted pistols out there. They had to jump through all of the legal stuff, but I know not what it encompasses.
  10. Vom Kriege


    You can legally own one provided you do all of the paperwork, but in the case of a Glock, the cost is prohibitive. Glock will only sell them to agencies, and the few that made it into the country prior to Glock instituting the agency only sales policy are outrageously expensive. The only select fire Glock from the factory is the G18, which is 9mm. My agency has two of them, one of which is my issued duty weapon. They are fun to shoot, but they aren't worth the money involved to get one outside of an agency purchase. There are places that will do aftermarket conversions, but if you go this route, make sure that they do it reliably.
  11. Vom Kriege

    LEO DUI question

    I doubt most officers even know what there actual conviction rate is as it isn't a factor in anything. Convictions are the job of the prosecutor. My county has one ADA assigned to it. Not every arrest gets prosecuted simply due to the case load. DUI prestige? Not hardly. Most make them due to deadly nature of DUIs, but it isn't like they are a huge deal. I spent 10 years working in a college town, and DUIs were plentiful. They weren't even a consideration as for anything close to a prestige factor. to suggest so is absolutely laughable.
  12. Vom Kriege

    LEO DUI question

    It isn't double jeopardy. It isn't even close to the definition of double jeopardy.
  13. Vom Kriege

    LEO DUI question

    Nothing draconian about it. Don't do the DUI thing and it won't matter. The Implied Consent law only goes into effect AFTER custodial arrest has already been made. The Field Sobriety Exercises and PBT and such are all completely and absolutely voluntary.
  14. Vom Kriege

    LEO DUI question

    It isn't double jeopardy in the least. Double jeopardy is being retried for an offense for which you have already been acquitted. GA requires that the driver submit to the state test(s). If the officer makes a custodial arrest for DUI, the driver has to submit to the state's test, which can be plural, or face license suspension. If a driver is obviously impaired and an officer makes an arrest and gets a BAC below the legal limit but believes drugs may be in the system, he can still get a blood test under the Implied Consent law. Also, there is a difference between a breathalyzer (PBT) and an Intoxilyzer. The numerical reading from the PBT isn't admissible in court. The officer can only testify whether or not it showed positive for alcohol. The PBT can be used as part of the roadside screening. AZ laws may be much different that GA's, but something seems awry with the scenario.
  15. Vom Kriege

    LEO DUI question

    Not nearly enough info... Was the officer medically qualified such as being a paramedic or something that is allowed to draw blood?