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  1. I hope that I have not given the impression that I am in favor of a prosecution because I have not intended to do so. I’ve just seen the massive amounts of false or irrelevant information that is floating on the interweb and thought I’d try to throw some dispassionate logic into the discussion. If the prosecution of the deputy is legit, there certainly need to be numerous others right there next to him. If it isn’t legit to go after them, he shouldn’t be on the spot either.
  2. Read the charging documents. He was actually an "active killer instructor" for his agency and had attended an active shooter training session in 2016.
  3. He thought someone was in the school shooting out. That is, if I understood his media statement correctly. I don’t know what the truth is as to what he actually thought is.
  4. The guy walked right past several “security monitors” who knew of the suspect’s history. None of them imitated lockdown procedures or called 911. One of the monitors was even told by a student that dude had a gun and was loading it in a stairwell. The basis of the perjury charge is that the deputy claimed he didn’t hear any shots fired beyond an initial salvo. He said in a media interview that he thought someone was firing through a window into the school yard rather than actively shooting students inside of the building. I don’t know which is true.
  5. That’s what you do, but the cops can’t lock up the guy because the neighbors think he’s odd. I doubt any agency in the U.S. has the manpower to conduct around the clock surveillance of odd people.
  6. SCOTUS has not ruled on “this issue”. The oft quoted court rulings were in civil rights lawsuits in federal courts and not in state level criminal prosecutions. Also, what does “on the RADAR” mean? It’s not illegal to be odd. It’s not illegal to be the guy voted most likely to shoot up a school. Until there is an overt act, what are the cops supposed to do? Should cops be held criminally responsible for the actions of others?
  7. I was a munitions specialist and team leader on a "crowd control team" for quite some time. We deployed for one of the G8 Summits and once when that bunch out of Kansas showed up at a soldier's funeral. For the funeral, we setup in a basement near the funeral and stayed out of sight. For the G8, we were stationed at the command center in case the pillaging hordes came there. Area denial is the big thing. The goal isn't to arrest people; it is to get them to leave.
  8. I've done pretty well the entire gambit. I will admit that a stint in CID made me a much better patrol supervisor when I went back to patrol than I would have been had I been promoted to SGT without going through CID first. Having that investigative experience allowed me to better train the people on my shift to start handling things on their own rather than just writing a report and sending it up to CID. That being said, I am a patrol guy through and through. I've never been undercover and never will be, but I have worked on the periphery of numerous dope investigations. Working dope is something that holds absolutely no interest for me. I'm just not unorganized enough to deal with that world. I'm command staff now, and I love to aggravate the investigators by saying that is where we put people that couldn't cut it in patrol. I take it further by saying that working drugs is where we put folks that can't make it in investigations.
  9. Here's the problem with the new crop of PPV packages: they are all designed around city cops and completely forget deputies working for full service Sheriff's Offices. It's one thing to stuff somebody into the back of a mid-size sedan and drive them across town to the jail. It's quite another to haul a prisoner across the state or even from several states away on an extradition. The smaller compartments also impact the driver as to fit cages into the cars means pushing up the driver seats. They also seem to forget that sometimes folks outside of urban areas also have to drive dirt roads or in less than stellar conditions, but these little front wheel drive packages just won't hold up to such driving. We have put our patrol supervisors in Chevy 1500 four door pickups, and we are now buying Tahoe PPVs to replace our Crown Vics.
  10. Sweet. I like the charging handle and the clamp.
  11. To each his own. I prefer 9mm to .40SW. Suppressors are fun
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