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  1. Welcome to the black hole...where there is no escaping. Thank you for serving
  2. Good Morning, Patriots! I haven't been online much, so busy around the house. ) Have an awesome start to your week.
  3. I have to take new pictures...lost everything when my hard drive fried. I have 2 house-cats - Romeo and Katie Kat ... both salvaged from doom. An outdoor stray kitty we've had a few years named Freebie - he used to live in the back patio with my doggy that passed last year: Joshua, RIP. Now Freebie keeps my new dog, Gretchen (GSD from pound) company.
  4. Good Morning, Patriots! It's still morning in Cali. Have a wonderful day~
  5. I Google everything. My doc told me to stay away from it. lol I would guess hernia but I haven't a clue. I would see the doctor.
  6. HAHAHA! I'm fine, I don't drink alcohol. It's all in perspective.
  7. I always carry two in my purse. A smaller one for cutting apples and a big one for cutting meat, if necessary.
  8. Good Morning, Patriots! Been sick. Ugh! Kitty woke me up nice and early for food otherwise I would still be enjoying the fruits of my slumber. Have an AWESOME weekend!
  9. Prayers, prayers and more prayers for your whole family. May God gift him many more days on this Earth. Popeye, prayers for your family, also. Amen~
  10. HotShot


    All I see is the term used to reference something bad. If there is something disgusting, senseless, ill health, that is the term rude-people are using to poke fun of Americans. Like their country doesn't have the same.
  11. Good Morning, Patriots! And as they say in California: Buenos Dias!
  12. Good Morning, Patriots! Hot and busy weekend. Stay cool and have a good one.
  13. Good Morning from California, Patriots! Fireworks were a blast! I pray for many more decades of Independence from a tyrant government.
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