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  1. dpmmn

    Beltfed Commie (RPD) pics

    The RPD was the LMG used before the RPK came into service It's a semiauto 7.62x39
  2. dpmmn

    AK picture thread

    Here are some of My Commie Guns Vector RPD Yugo M72 RPK, M70B1 and a Yugo M70AB2 all with DCI Receivers Another Pic of the Yugo RPK, and Yugo Underfolder
  3. I thought I would share this with you guys It's a Vector buillt RPD froma Polish Kit IT shoots as good as it looks!
  4. dpmmn

    Is it me?......

    You can never have too many AK's
  5. dpmmn

    AK mags are here...

    Here is a link to load your Chicom Drum The follower is in the wrong position Chinese Drum Loading Instructions
  6. dpmmn

    Romanian AK47 build

    It's lookin real good! I would just keep using Linseed Oil on the stock, hold off on the poly. The more linseed oil the better the protection. Just make sure when you are putting on the Linseed oil, you get some heat going while you are rubbing it in to the stock. Rub hard don't use atoo much, a little goes a long way.
  7. dpmmn

    FNG on board

    Welcome aboard
  8. dpmmn

    oakdale Gun Club

    Do they allow Beltfeds?
  9. dpmmn

    Hey Nwatson99

    Hey Buddy, how have you been?
  10. dpmmn

    Hey Nwatson99

    I know what you mean
  11. dpmmn

    Hey Nwatson99

    I'm here
  12. dpmmn

    Well it finally up

    It looks great Paul
  13. dpmmn

    Gun safes

    I have a Ft Knox "Yeager" 7241 Just remember when buying a safe to get bigger than you need, it will fill up fast
  14. dpmmn


    Thanks for the grat deals
  15. I melted the sling off of my M4gery in the dead of January up here after dumping ten 30 rounders and 2 Beta C's :oh yea: