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  1. 1973camaro

    More Newbie- 1st AR I've owned

    Took it out this afternoon and shot 1/2 dozen rounds without a problem. I'll have to work on the Pics since I'm also a NOOB at this whole actual "member of a board" thing. I snoop around allot of car sites and was lead to here by a Nasty Z28 dude
  2. 1973camaro

    Stock topick- New an no search access

    HSRacer201- Nice Pile of ARMORY! Nwatson99- Great input Thanks everyone! This stuff is invaulable!
  3. 1973camaro


    You guys are GREAT! It's not often that a dumbit can come in to a board an ask such basic questions and not get the SHAT! I'll probably have allot more before you blast me out of here. Going to try and do some research and get back to you all. Thanks for all the help!!!!!! :oh yea:
  4. 1973camaro

    Stock topick- New an no search access

    Is this the CTR? I also have hairs on my "chiney chin chin" and it looks like pubes are not his friend!
  5. What are the best overall HANDY buttstocks that enhance the overall looks of your rifle?
  6. 1973camaro


    i would like to know what kind of colapisable stock you would reccomend? CSA?
  7. 1973camaro

    mags an where to buy them

    Are there other good plastic mags? I would think great for weight but poor durability.
  8. 1973camaro

    mags an where to buy them

    The mag has an ident that says: ORLITE-ENG. CO. (S/N I suppose) XXXX-XXXX-X and a symble 0 over 02 I hope this is a good thing?????
  9. 1973camaro

    mags an where to buy them

    I'll check it when i get home.
  10. 1973camaro

    mags an where to buy them

    What about the plastic ones? One came with the rifle I picked up over the weekend but i haven't got to try it out yet.
  11. Welcome as well! I beat ya here by a whole 43 minutes. I'd really like to get some replies going so I can search the board. How about us Newbie's help each other out? Thanks in advance!
  12. Bought a used Olympic Arms brand over the weekend and wanted to get some input from those that know much more than the average Joe about this model. I haven't got to shoot it yet but i have shot my fathers Colt several times and really love it.