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  1. Paul_K

    What have you done today to prep?

    Picked up a 400w power inverter for small devices that are not worth firing up the generator for.
  2. Paul_K

    RC helicopter

    I should have my Walkera CB180D by this friday. With the flight simulator and anti crash kit and shipping it came to $168. I plan on spending plenty of time reading the manual and on the sim before I actually try to fly. :paperwork:
  3. Paul_K

    What have you done today to prep?

    I finally got my wife to agree to have a cell phone.
  4. A large supply of adverse weather clothing/gear.
  5. Paul_K

    What I carry everyday

    In warm weather it's a Kel-Tec P3AT. In cold weather it's a S&W 3913.
  6. Paul_K

    AR15 Armory Members

    You got one from me.
  7. Paul_K

    A2 rear sight

    I was surprised yesterday, I got my complete upper receiver from J&T in only a week. I was going to buy a stripped upper and assemble it myself but it was cheaper to buy it complete than to buy the individual pieces. I may be dumb but I'm not stupid. I was looking it over and noticed I could'nt turn the elevation knob. I finally figured out that if I pushed down on the knob it would turn and raise the sight normally. When I lower it, there is a loud click when it gets to the lowest detent. I've had a PWA A2 HBAR since 1989 and the elevation knob is not like that on that gun. Do some manufacturers make their elevation knobs work a little different from each other or is this something that has changed over the years since I bought my other gun?
  8. Paul_K

    First build

    I've had an A2 HBAR since 1989 but I now would like something smaller and lighter. So I've decided to build a carbine as a pay as you go project. So far I'm surprised how easy it's been. Here's where I'm at now. And if I get stuck in the future, I know where I can get help.
  9. 9-10 MPG around town. But I don't care.