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  1. I felt it was my duty to make your morning memorable.
  2. By the time I left SGC I was kinda tired of gun talk 24/7. Got into the photography game, primarily film photography. That hobby is just as expensive as the gun hobby, and I ain't rich, so I dipped from the scene for a minute. How have you been? Much of the old crew still around?
  3. Well, I mean, compared to others....
  4. pleaforwar

    Hey jtrain

    Happy birthday Devil.
  5. Definitely the right man for the job. Congrats!
  6. Never been, just to Oahu and the Big Island. I have heard that island is awesome though.
  7. Probably because there are cops every five feet in Oahu, and even then, I still would rather be in Cancun than Waianae at night.
  8. So I get a little defensive of my LDS brethren from time to time, and the reason? Every one I have met in the military has been dedicated, focused, considerate, team-players, and well-behaved. I have yet to meet a shatbird LDS Soldier or Marine. Also, keep in mind that members of the LDS faith are required to perform missionary work. This isn't weekend volunteering. This means two years of their life dedicated to spreading their faith. That's a rare quality in other Christian denominations, especially in the age it is required (around 20 years old). Meet any Mormon missionary and they will ask you, unsolicited, if there is anything they can help you with in your home. Moving? Check, they have you covered. Need some help cleaning up? Check, they have you covered. All free of charge. That, my friends, is genuine kindness.
  9. Last time I went was to Playa del Carmen in the summer of 2009. Had a blast. The newspapers were full of cartel casualties, but I never felt threatened for a minute. A ton of Arizona people still go to Rocky Point on the regular. We have a local dive group that probably goes 10 times a year.
  10. Well, to be fair Zephyr, the Bible has some pretty bizarre stories itself. For example, do you believe in talking donkeys?
  11. Wrangler is the last direction I'd take w/that criteria. The Cherokee is great for truly gnarly trails, IE rock crawling (with the right lift, tread, and lockers), but for the long run it's hard to beat a Yota. Mine has the tow package, but I don't even know the rating given that I don't tow.
  12. It's a 2003 w/4.0 V6. What are you looking for? Something to hit the trails with or a SUV for the roads?
  13. Chinese delivery. Beef and broccoli.
  14. That is a damn good score. Lancers are legit.
  15. I reenlisted, so yea, it was pretty special! Thanks!
  16. Great news James! Glad to hear things are going well. And btw, yes, I'm still jealous of your G18. That is all.
  17. Glad to see my AZ friends still here (Noneya, Scratchy). I hope GLShooter is doing well. And thank you James! I hope all is well with work and family brother.
  18. Thanks for creating the thread brother! I see many new people, a few old, is SGTAR or Rampy still around? How about G or Spock? Damn it has been a long time.
  19. Hey guys, thanks a ton for the posts! I have been MIA, tons of work, military, and school related shat, but I had a feeling that there would be a thread here for me and I'm glad to see that y'all still remember my disappearing self. I hope all of you are well. Given that school is off the plate, I should have some more time to post in the future. Thanks again gents!
  20. *FYI Staff - This review has been approved per the bossman. For those of you who know me, you are likely aware that I have a penchant to prefer rugged firearm accessories. This preference is undoubtedly a side effect of spending ten years in the military, along with my frequent excursions into the wilderness of Arizona; both of which require durability over attractiveness. Enter Cherokee Hills grips. Jake, who works with Cherokee Hills (who assumedly took notice of my affliction for 1911's in the 1911 Photo Thread) approached me a few months back and asked for me to review a pair of his grips. Given my tendency towards robust and aggressive textured 1911 grips (i.e. G10 grips), I would be lying if I didn't say I was initially hesitant. I had seen Cherokee Hills grips, and while they were attractive, they weren't on my radar because they didn't appeal to my hard-use attitude. After discussing my position, Jake felt that he could accommodate my needs. He advised me that he had a perfect set of grips that would retain an aggressive composition, while being visually appealing. Jake sent the grips to me and my initial response was nothing short of satisfaction. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I doubt many would find these grips to be anything but attractive. As you can see, the wood is finished superbly, the grain looks flawless, and the stippling is absolutely functional. While shooting the TRP with these grips, I retained positive control on par with the stock G10 grips offered by Springfield Armory, all while having many inquisitive looks and questions from other shooters. Now while these grips are not intended for hard-usage in a foreign combat zone, I have no qualms recommending these grips to LEO's or avid shooters who want to replace rugged, yet unattractive grips on their 1911's. The Cherokee Hills grips I have received have earned their place on my TRP, and won't be removed anytime soon. Please feel free to add any comments or questions, and I sincerely hope my review was substantial for your 1911 interest. You can view Cherokee Hill's website at http://cherokeehills.biz/ S/F, Dan
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