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  1. drueke

    what does it really mean?

    Thanks all for the reply! Rachel
  2. Hi guys Rachel here, I have a quick question what does it mean when they say "mil spec"? say I have a regular bushmaster, if I buy a mil spec parts kit from colt for example and replace the internals would that make that bushmaster mil spec? a bit confused here guys help me out. thanks a lot Rachel L
  3. drueke

    AR15 Armory Photo Contest - How To Vote

    Hmm I am afraid I don't understand what you mean... care to clarify? Thanks Rachel
  4. drueke

    AR15 Armory Photo Contest - How To Vote

    Hello everyone! Rachel Lundy here again. these pictures are by no means intended to compete in the "armory photo contest" I am adding the because in my first post Nwatson99 asked if I had some pictures to post, this picture is not really good but at least it shows my little personal "arsenal" hope you guys like it ;) much love Rachel.
  5. Well is been a couple of days now, and I wanted to tell all you guys thanks for taking the time to respond. I went ahead and bought the wedge thingy and it is on its way now! thanks again you guys *kisses* Rachel
  6. thank you guys! okay that makes me feel better, I was all worried since I haven't eve shot the rifle, but thanks guys you give me some peace of mind! Rachel
  7. Hello everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read this. first of all, I tried to find if there was another post for this issue but i wasn't able to find one, so I do apologize if I missed it. my question is simple I bought a bushmaster m4a3, I have never fired it I just cleaned the excessive oil the gun came with from the store. at first the upper and lower receiver were tight and snug, however after just a couple of field strips there is some play between the upper and lower, some looseness. because I am new to guns in general I hope I explained myself clearly. so is this looseness normal? did I jacked anything up? thanks in advance guys have a nice day. Rachel