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  1. A sten is a cheap way to shoot FA. 9mm reloads keep costs way down, and the lead is easy on the barrel.
  2. I use a semi and O/U, depending on how my body feels that day
  3. I tell people I do if the subject comes up, and if they act squirrelly , I tell them how many
  4. Not surreal, people are finally just giving a shat enough to report, expose and pay attention to the evil government malfeasance that's been going on for a century.
  5. the statistic is correct. Half the country(or more) lives paycheck to paycheck, or gubbmint check to gubbmint check
  6. Fuzzin makes my blood boil in light of all the bullshat going on with Nero and all the rest of the race baiters regarding St Travon
  7. Seems like SCOTUS just meanders around the constitution picking words and phrases they like, then put them together.
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