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  1. chris4905

    Sizing Already Primed Brass ???

    Thanks for all the replies fellas. I like the ideas of running a bunch through the breech to see how they fit, then loading about 20 up and seeing what happens. Thanks again for the help. Chris
  2. I purchased .223 brass from a well known company and ordered them with the primers set prior to shipment. My AR is very sensitive to previously shot, brass. If I don’t use a small base die about every 5th round will either not feed properly, or will not eject after firing. When reloading “once shot” brass, especially when it may have come from a military range, I have to run all the brass through a small base die during the first reload. When the brass arrived from the shipper there was a note attached indicating the brass was cleaned, sized, and primed. I don’t know what type of “sizer” die was used so I still intend to run them through my small base .223Rem die. I have never run brass, already primed, through a sizer or small base die. My question,…….how should I handle the de-capper/de-primer and expander assembly in the die? I backed off the de-capper assembly until it doesn’t tough the live primer, but I’m not sure how this effects the expander assembly, if at all. I thought about removing the entire assembly but then the die would not have the expander assembly and I would think that assembly is critical to the resize process…………..but what do I know….lol. To the more experienced reloaders, your thoughts please. Thanks in advance, Chris
  3. chris4905

    Lacking load data

    freedomfighter- See if this helps.... http://www.loaddata.com/members/search_det...eloading%20Data Chris
  4. chris4905

    Reloading New Brass

    A day at the range a while ago taught me even new brass should be sized. I purchased new brass, measured the case length (OK, didn't need triming), didn't resize it (my misunderstanding, I though RE-size meant it was being returned to factory size). At the range I chambered a round I had loaded, the rangemaster called for a cease fire, and I ejected the round. The bullet pulled out of the case and powder was all over the breech. At first I thought my OAL was too long and the olgive had been jamed into the barrel. I took the bullet and put it back into the same shell, and to my suprise there was almost no resistance. Right or wrong, from that day forward I have resized even newly purchased brass. Chris
  5. chris4905

    Why some brass fits tight?

    Fireman - I had the same problem, and found a solution. I was using surplus .223 taken from a law enforcement range (I'm retired LE, go figure, miss the free brass now). I was also having hard feeds, or if it would feed and fire I couldn't get it to eject unless I pounded on the charging handle. I was told to get a SB (small base) .223 die which re-sizes the brass to factory specs (whether this is true or not I don't know), but I re-sized the next batch with the Small Base die, and have fired about 1,000 rounds now with no further loading/ejection problems. I was told this is why they make the SB die. Once the round is shot out of your gun, no more problems in that gun because the brass has expanded in your gun's chanber has now been "fitted" to your gun. Hope this helps.
  6. chris4905

    Which company's press are you using?

    For pistol, I use a Hornady LNL progressive with the auto powder dispenser and the powder cop for safety. For rifle it's a Rockchucker with Lyman 1200 DPS digital powder measuring each and every charge.
  7. chris4905

    Primers in Stock

    I also just ordered 10,000. There are still in stock as of this reply.
  8. chris4905


    You might go down to the post by Cre10, titled "Steps For Military Brass".... It's related to your question and I think you'll find it interesting . Chris
  9. chris4905

    Steps for military brass?

    CRE10 - I also am new to reloading, and also to the board. I have only been reloading for about a year now, most of it .357 & .223. I am of course no way even close to being experienced enough in reloading to be passing on tips or how to's...........but I found out the hard way about something else in .223 military brass reloading that caused me heartache, and I never read anything about it in the books (or I just plain missed it if it was there). When doing military surplus for the first time, in order for it to feed and eject properly, I had to use a small based die. I had trouble with my feeds jamming to the point the bolt wouldn't close on my AR, and the rounds were sometimes stuck so tight in the chamber I had to hit on the charging handle to remove the empty case. I talked with a friend who had already had the same problem and he explained the need to use the small base die. Since using the SB die, no more problems. Some of the more experienced guys may jump in on this (which I of course welcome) and can give better reasoning, details, etc.
  10. chris4905

    .223 brass

    Just ordered 1K and looking forward to delivery. Price seems VERY reasonable if good quality. Thanks for the tip TJ !! Chris Bushmaster Predator
  11. chris4905

    Small base size die for AR15 chambers?

    Wish someone would answer this question, it's my question also.......