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  1. Interesting. Would the ballistic fingerprint on a spent casing change if you replaced the firing pin/striker?
  2. I saw a Glock 20 for sale a few weeks back and the guy had placed camo tape on the slide. He used bow (archery) tape and said the tape didn't have much adhesive and would peel right off. I don't know if it's a good idea or not, but i thought it looked pretty cool! He did a good job and cut around everything so it looked like it should be there.
  3. Yeah! Planning to set up a station down here on the peninsula pretty soon. My nephew from Anchorage has been here a lot longer than i have so i'm following his lead. GCG, sorry i didn't see your comment until today... would have definitely gone together to save some shipping - maybe next time!
  4. Excellent comment, sqlbullet - thanks! That makes a lot of sense.
  5. Thanks for the welcome, Shadow! That's what i was thinking - the ammunition will be fairly similar. I'm sure the difference in recoil between a 230 gr bullet and 165 will be pretty noticeable, but between 200 and 230, maybe not as much. Obviously, i hope to never test it in actual conditions. I'll probably go with the 230's if DT says it has the best penetration. Thanks for your response and other comments are certainly welcome!
  6. I am the recent and happy owner of a Glock 20SF. I live in Alaska and this pistol will be used primarily for bear protection while "out and about". A couple of dumb Q's about DT 10mm ammo. Their website states the 200 grain hardcast ammo is rated at 1300 fps and 750 ft/lbs. The 230 grain is rated at 1120 fps and 641 ft/lbs. The site says the 230 grain is "the heaviest and deepest penetrating..." I guess i need to understand some basic ballistics. The 200 gr round has more "energy" ( i hope i am using that term correctly) with 750 ft/lbs while the heavier 230 grain has 641 ft/lbs, altho the 230 grain is "heavier and deeper penetrating...". I'm thinking the 230 grain is the best ammo for my stated use. But i don't really understand why it has less "energy" - i'm assuming it has less power/powder behind the bullet. Would the 200 grain ammo be a better choice due to it's higher energy rating? Will there be differences in recoil? Thanks in advance!
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