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  1. cctx-xx

    learning to ride

    Howdy, Whatever bike you pick, buy the proper protective gear.... Jacket, gloves, decent boots, and gloves at a minimum. Leather may be a lot warmer but hard to beat for durability. Mesh is cooler but doesn't last long skidding across the pavement. I've been riding street bikes for about 35 years and am still an ATGATT guy (all the gear all the time) and it has saved me lots of pain and suffering over the years. For what its worth, my current most ridden bike is a Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird. Enjoy the world of motorcycling, there is nothing like it. Mark
  2. cctx-xx

    who here isn't a member of the NRA

    I have been an NRA member for years and just recently became a life member. I have often been frustrated by some of the NRA's positions but we need to speak with one big voice our views on 2nd amendment rights. Numbers do matter, and now the new administration needs to recognize that not all Americans share their twisted view of the direction our Country need to go. That was the reason I became a life member. It shows a commitment to the organization and its goals and it IS noticed. Mark
  3. cctx-xx

    Glock or 1911?

    HK 45
  4. cctx-xx

    Corpus Christi Texas Blah's

    Howdy, I am in CC also and am willing to look around for a place to shoot, I'll make some calls. The CC Pistol & Rifle club is supposed to have 100yds by the end of the year but it will be a while before the long range shooting is back. Take it easy, Mark