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  1. Watch a few go through a week 1000 round course.
  2. Probably the same ones. They’ve been there a few months. Hard to sell high end ARs right now. Can build a PSA for $300ish and it’s gonna do what 90% of shooters want.
  3. Etho

    Walther PPS M2 9mm

    Love me some Walther handguns. Glad to see them becoming more popular in the US. Now for Steyr to get a slice of the pie. As much as I love Glocks, it is nice to see options and variety.
  4. They're trade ins. The LMT for $849 is a better deal. It's brand new in the wrapper. I picked one up from my FFL yesterday. Some sort of a contract over run. The only "negative" is it has a semi auto carrier, but that wholly subjective to the user.
  5. Etho

    9mm or 45.

    The M&P is a great pistol. 1911s are tons of fun. I like them, although I don't own them anymore. That being said, my personal and professional opinion is that the sun has set for them. I feel that way about any and all single stack full size pistol. I also feel the same way about wheel guns. I love them, own them and shoot them but as far as any serious use, give me striker fired plastic with double stack magazines. But anyone is free to carry what they want. They all work, I just happen to think that there are far better choices out there nowadays.
  6. Etho

    AF Paperwork & Tax Stamp......

    Carrying copies - Yes, carry them. I've heard it's a tax document and the only people who can demand it are the IRS and ATF. But that being said remember it is what keeps you from going to jail for possessing an illegal item by most state law UNLESS it is registered via NFA. The only proof of that registration is that Form 1 or Form 4. Local LEOs DO NOT have access to the registry...at all. Field agents DO NOT have access to the registry. There is no roadside verification that an NFA item is, in fact, registered with the NFA Branch. It'll be a phone call made Monday morning. Who can see - Not really clear. I've heard only IRS and ATF. But again, if it keeps me out of jail then I'm gonna have it and show it. Safe Combo/Access - They're not wrong, but it's being very literal. Plus how can they prove that? Why would they prove this? Just remember that SBR/SBS, Machineguns, AOWs and DDs have to have permission to cross state lines. Suppressors do not.
  7. Etho

    9mm or 45.

    Your asking about a debate that is as old as all hell. Seriously it's about a 100 years old now. They both do the job, quite well and have since the early 1900s. All three if counting the .40 S&W although it's considerably newer than the other two. None are a bad choice. It's been shown they all perform within almost negligible difference between the three with modern projectiles. Key word is modern. We're not talking 15 plus years ago or FMJ. That's whole other ball game and conversation. Personally, I'll take more ammo and less recoil.
  8. Good folks. Bought a lot from them over the years.
  9. Etho

    ammo going bad in mag.

    What sort of guns are you guys carrying that require coating them in oil? Furthermore, coating the magazines in oil also. Outside of some specifically modeled 1911s and old pre Nitron Sigs, not much needs rust prevention anymore. The finishes do their job just fine.
  10. Etho

    LEO advice needed

    I was responding to the original post.
  11. Etho

    LEO advice needed

    Could they? Sure. Will they? Probably not. Most auto burglars are teenagers to young adults. They aren’t looking for a fight, just easy pickings. Even most house burglars aren’t looking for a fight to be honest. They want easy, trouble free thieving.
  12. Yep. You're right pal.
  13. I didn’t make your point at all. You haven’t made any point(s) that I can tell. You asked question, I answered with substantial empirical evidence that is well known to all of man kind.
  14. Iraq 2003-current( I think folks are still there) Afghanistan 2001-current Numerous operations through the late 90s and now Coasties VBSS and Interdiction units on a daily basis Civilian LE on a daily basis Vortex hasn’t been to war. Trijicon, Aimpoint and dare I even say Eotech has. There’s nothing wrong with Vortex. But it’s a fact they haven’t proven themselves the same way some of the others have. Comparing them isn’t fair. Vortex doesn’t build their stuff to the same standards or even claim to do so. Except on the high end stuff that is, gasp, as expensive as the veteran companies.
  15. Etho

    Only in Amerika; Not

    I shoot at private clubs exclusively and it's still a problem. They aren't busy enough here to warrant full time RSOs, so it's just a matter of if they get caught. Couple that with gun owners usually having a MYOB attitude.