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  1. Buy a real AR. You can always shoot, as you mentioned, a multitude of calibers from a standard AR lower. Versus you aren't doing anything with a .22 clone but .22. Not to mention, I see a ban in the future. This one isn't going to expire like the last one either. The best we can hope for is a grandfather clause like last time. At least then you'll have one.
  2. If I weren’t so invested in Glocks I would switch.
  3. Etho

    Quality Charging Handle / Resolved

    What on earth are they doing to bend the latch on any charging handle?
  4. I've only got two adjustable gas blocks. It's a pipe plug that goes into the block. I assume it's long enough to reach and cover the gas port to block it off. Cause turned all the way and it's no gas. Then slowly back it out and you get gas slowly.
  5. I dunno. There's lots of models out there to make the prints/files so I imagine someone somewhere has done it. There use to be a site back in the day that had all sorts of files for that sort of stuff. I'd check out Weapons Guild I think it is. Lots of legit and hobby gunsmiths there. Someone might have something. Photos would be cool. That's more than most AR guys tackles.
  6. Etho

    Quality Charging Handle / Resolved

    Meh, PSA isn't bad but there is a reason why their stuff is cheaper than everyone else. Stag is another brand, they use to be known as CMT and use to make tons of parts for a bunch of companies.
  7. Etho

    Quality Charging Handle / Resolved

    I imagine just about any of them would be fine. LMT, RRA, DPMS, Aero so on. I've never really had any complaints with a normal charging handle before.
  8. It wasn't just sub -40. One afternoon I went to the range with my wife. It was July and admittedly very hot as I'm in Southeast Texas. She had a 512 on her Ar, I'd gone to an EXPS by this point. Her 512 was fine, then shut off. Figured it was batteries. Swapped them. Still did not work. She continued on with irons and we chalked it up to bad batteries. We got home, I put some for sure fresh batteries into it and called it good. About two months later, my EXPS did the same thing. I know the battery was good. It was on my work rifle and they got changed every quarter no matter what. But erring on the side of caution, I changed batteries. Still nothing. By this point I'm suspicious. I go about using my irons. I get home and it cools off and starts working again. OK well that was weird. So I go back to shoot again not long after, it's off. I even bagged it to make sure. Shot about 2" or so left. I zero and chalk it up to riding in a rifle rack 40 hours a week. I didn't connect the dots. Then it happens again maybe a week later. Same scenario, same Eotech. I contact Eotech they blame it on the nitrogen they use and to send it to for eval and it shouldn't do that. Then about a week later the lawsuit goes public. I had the exact problem the DoD sued them for. Then a lot of people start going public with their stories of it happening. On the flips side I know tons of people who still use them with no issues. Even at work. Understand that I still like and prefer Eotechs. But I cannot have that happen on a work rifle. A plinker, hunting rifle or whatever no big deal. But I can't have an optic with a known defect on a rifle I may have to use in or around the public. That's just unacceptable and outright reckless. 2" Shift is no big deal in reality, but what if it means the difference between a profile shot on a bad guy and missing? That can be bad if I'm forced into a bad backstop situation. If something happened, I can only imagine the at best civil suit and at worst criminal case.
  9. That’s all well and good and I’m happy for y’all, but in all truthfulness being Nationally Accredited doesn’t really mean anything. It doesn’t make a department that is any better than those who aren’t. It just means they have the money and means to meet their requirements. You can try to hang your hat on it all you want. But it is true. The policies are often times restricting and sometimes ridiculous. The training requirements to maintain status is awesome no doubt. But having been on committee’s when we recently tried for CALEA, again, its a money race is all it is. Some places have it, some places don’t. We don’t. So we aren’t. I wasn’t aware Illinois is the south. As far as your department being gun guys....congrats? I guess? Not real sure of your point? One department, small one if I recall, doesn’t offset my experiences based on hundreds of interactions with cadets, rookies, officers and staff. From several departments. Most are not gun guys. A fair number of the gun guys aren’t gun guys either. Just by the average cop standards they are. They own a bunch, but still don’t shoot much.
  10. Etho

    Maybe I should try building a bolt gun?

    Building a bolt gun really is building. Other than Savage based builds, they require lots of tools and knowledge. It isn't just putting something together. We are lucky to have a very well known gunsmith locally who builds superb F class and PRS rifles. He's an old cranky codger but he does some bad ass work. I haven't had him build me one yet, but he's done work for me and it's second to none. If you do it, make sure you read books, find someone to teach you so on. It isn't impossible but it does require knowledge.
  11. Nope. Too much money involved to bother with becoming certified. They’ve tried a few times in the past. It would cost untold millions. First and foremost would be our station, the actual building, doesn’t meet their requirements. CALEA is mostly a joke and doesn’t mean much.
  12. It isn't just folks who carry that do not practice. I see it all the time when qualification comes up whether it's rifles, pistols or shotguns. 75% of our officers fumble with everything imaginable. Our department provides zero training, and qualification is not training, unless you're on a tac team of some sort. It's embarrassing to me for them, but they don't seem to care at all. It use to bother me and I'd try to help them until I realized they just don't care. So I don't care. I document their weak points on their qual sheet, make them re-shoot if they need that and move on. Just a damn shame they care so little about themselves that they won't even shoot 50 rounds a month. For most 50 rounds of dot drills, with a couple reload drills and a couple shoot and move drills would do wonders. Hell dry firing and drawing from a holster are free. What kills me too are the guys who refuse to practice and carry some difficult to shoot pistol like a Sig 220 in .45ACP. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying a 220 cannot be shot effectively. It can. It was. It has. For decades. But it does take practice. Between the size, the trigger pulls and just the cartridge in general it takes practice to become proficient. Yet these buffoons keep using them and hit 5 feet in front of the target every damn time on the first round. They freak up reloads cause of the small mag well. They cannot control the recoil and make a good hit then a horrible hit or they miss. But...."muh fowty five" Don't even get me going on physical conditioning and shootings. That's a whole other issue. The few times I get to actually teach are the academy and orientation for new hires. I make them do a stress drill. They shoot a dot drill for 5 rounds calm. The dot is large I might add, like almost styrofoam plate sized. We jog, slowly I might add and they're in their 20s, a quarter mile. That's it. Then they shoot the sam drill. Every time someone beotches and moans cause they miss. beotch and moan cause they're tired or out of breath. It's ridiculous. What in the freak do they think is gonna happen when someone pulls a pistol or fires shots at them? Anyway, I went off enough on these topics.
  13. If it's an issue on their end and not due to abuse they'll take care of it I imagine. I can go on a length rant about Eotech and various issues, but their customer service is not one of them. Well, for the most part. They did kinda sorta lie to me one time.
  14. Etho

    Best ar15 brand

    $5000? I’ve got a super secret special LMT in my safe that fits your requirements. 😂 In all seriousness, I think you’re wasting some money if you find an AR and it’s $5000 without optics and other items. Some of the most boutique ARs might hover around $2000. If you own DD rifles they are some of the best around. So not sure what else you’re wanting. As far as what’s the best? Thats subjective. I think you named some of the brands mostly likely to be the most reliable but they all fail. I’m partial to LMT. But there’s nothing wrong with the other higher end brands either. Hell most people can get away with a PSA Daily Deals rifle in all honesty. My recommendation is to take your $5000 and buy a case of rifle and pistol ammo and then go to a class. It’ll benefit you much more than another rifle. Cause they sure as can’t maneuver and shoot themselves.
  15. Etho

    Pants poll!!!

    Various brands of jeans or slacks depending on what I’m doing. I don’t seem to destroy pants all that often, so unless they get dried on nuclear and shrink, I wear them for a long time.