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  1. 1. Machine lower, do not assemble as SBR. 2. Serial it however you want 3. Submit form 1 4. Receive stamp 5. Assemble/turn into SBR The only part I’m not 100% on is what to do about is 4a. I would assume it would be you, just like you would be for the SBR manufacturer marking. I doubt it has to be double marked. But you do have to engrave your info as the maker of the SBR.
  2. Well, you’re the one who said you are in a non enforcement role. You said yourself that you inspect and then turn it over to the LEO for enforcement. You mentioned being in DOT related stuff. So no, you aren’t a cop. Unless you were a cop in a past life? How are you supposed to understand cops? You can’t. Anymore than I can understand being an Astronaut, a doctor or a store clerk or even a DOT inspection dude. Sorry it hurts your feelings to read the truth. But you do not know what it’s like. You simply don’t. And it’s okay to not know something and be ignorant.
  3. Most AR mounts will get you the right height without too much fuss. A big obj. might cause a problem but even then I doubt it.
  4. Easy to say all that when you’ve never ridden a beat or done the job. There’s good cops, there’s bad/lazy cops. They’re inherently good and inherently bad/lazy typically. Sometimes good cops turn bad/lazy for no other reason than being lazy. Sometimes they just quit giving a shat because society doesn’t give a shat anymore. They get paid whether they work hard or not. If they work hard they run the risk of prosecution or lawsuits, in their minds anyway. It takes effort to remain focused, positive and work as a cop in today’s world. I’ve been in the dark areas myself in this profession and it sucks. Took considerable effort to pull myself from that “freak it, I’m doing what’s required” outlook. People don’t want us until they need us then they complain we were never there. When all we were doing was trying to stay away like they asked. Don’t assume they’re all shatty humans is my point and assume you know what it’s like to be a cop when all you do is work around cops.
  5. I did too. I still teach now at the academy and during orientation. But damn is it hard. I think this is one time when it’s less about “back in my day” and something actually being wrong. LE has already changed. It had shifted from the hard nose, go getters were encouraged and fostered to now being shunned. It’s truly sad. I’m on the Sergeants list and I truly do not know what to even expect out of patrol. It’s changed since I’ve been off the streets and that wasn’t even all that long ago.
  6. Etho

    New Orleans

    WWII Museum Hub Cap Diner JagerHaus Clover Grill Bourbon Street St Louis Cathedral Cafe DuMonde Canal St at night is cool, straight out of the 40s with the neon everywhere. BoonDock Saint for drinking, way cheaper and just off Bourbon. There use to be a weapons dealer in the quarter, sold all sorts of rare crap from Medieval to early 20th century Lots of other stuff I’m forgetting. It’s been a while since I went there.
  7. Yup. Very well said. Keeping an open mind is probably the biggest key to surviving a bad situation and it begins with keeping an open mind when learning.
  8. Yep. Like I was saying or trying to say if it didn’t come across, I don’t know that having these kids in the forums is a good idea. They aren’t, as a whole, going to add anything useful. Sure a few here and there will but overall they just shat post. It’s a shame too cause some have more combat experience than probably 90% of any soldier in human history. Yet they spend their posting memes and saying stupid shat. They’re a wealth of info on surviving a gunfight if they wanted to actually get involved. That same hive mind mentality is present on all forums and all age groups.
  9. On the flip side just because someone is young does not mean they DON’T know what’s going on or have a better way of doing things. Nothing is worse than someone stuck in their own echo chamber of this is how it’s always been done. Sometimes things can evolve as something changes societal or technologically that starts the change. Tow truck I didn’t know you were in LE. Learn something new every day. I thought you did something with the trucking industry for some reason.
  10. I dunno if that’s that or not. It’s as good a guess as any with out anyone having for sure information. At the minimum, I bet it’s a factor. I think it’s also to do with like minded folks. Y’all are on a different plane than them. In very many ways. So many that there isn’t meshing. They go their way, y’all go your way. While someone my age, a young tail end Gen X to put a label on it, can relate to y’all in some ways. We may not always agree but there is common ground/mentality. Hell I don’t even have common ground with a lot of them. My last few years on patrol as an FTO was mind numbing trying to teach these folks were hiring. It was very hard to do.
  11. They lied. No if and or buts about it. Staffing is ridiculous nowadays. Quality is even worse. We filled most of a civic center when I took the civil service exam. We get barely enough to send to the academy nowadays. Then most of them don’t make it. The quality of training has gone down due to the quality of FTOs. The mid teens have created a ripple effect that won’t be fixed for decades. If ever.
  12. I never said that. I dunno why they don’t come on forums. They just don’t. They’re very active on Facebook and such, but like I said it isn’t the way we’ve all accumulated knowledge and information on forums. It’s usually very useless crap. I’ve often wondered where they do learn. Because like I said earlier, I don’t run into that age group in classes or matches and all they seemingly do online is bash each other and older guys. You’re getting offended by what I’m saying for no reason it seems. I’m not putting a blanket statement on all of you. Just trying to give you some insight as to why it’s slow, why most of them wouldn’t mesh here and don’t on forums in general. I’m old to them too so believe me I’m not trying to pull their “ok, boomer” stunt on you, I’m just young enough that I frequent some of the same things as they do and see how hey interact online. Forums are a massive resource of information. Just gotta find a way to get them here and I dunno how. It was all there was when I started out and I learned a ton. At its height this place was just behind ARFCOM in knowledge and traffic. I spent my fair share of time here 15 years ago helping people and getting it going by encouraging lurkers to post and creating content.
  13. I don’t think anyone here will argue against you. But they, the newer generation, don’t come to forums. At all. Even the big ones are seeing a slow down. Hell I’m older by their standards and I’m even starting to find forums as long in the tooth. Lots of stagnant opinions, ideas and so on live in Internet forums. A large majority of forum users are older and are stuck in a mentality of ten plus years ago. Some even longer. Which is fine, except that they then shun, mock and refuse to accept the shooting world is changing around them. Further they refuse to listen to reason and facts often based in reality and first hand experience. It all loops back to well I’m older and know better, well alright then.... As far as you being a boomer, eh whatever. That generational stuff is stupid to me. Puts people, unfairly I might add, in box. It means nothing. There are leeches and greatness in every generation. That being said, this new generation of shooter would you eat you guys alive with their shat posting, name calling, memes and roasting. The minute y’all start in on, to quote them, “muh 1911”, “muh wheel gun”, “muh forty five”.....holy shat it would be roasting of likes you never experienced.
  14. Fortunately we have decent private clubs here. Not perfect but it keeps the idiots at bay for the most part.
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