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  1. Since my recent encounter with the batfe, I wouldn't have any further contact with any agency, local or fed without presence of a lawyer. They will ALL lie, cheat and STEAL to get what they want no matter how petty their real or imagined agenda. This whole approach sounds pretty fishy to me. Lawyer up before you have any more contact, CYA big time. They can/will make a fed case out of spitting on the sidewalk. Trust NO ONE!
  2. Yeah, all that and all the TV commercials that ain't cheap The country is going further down the tube with every passing day.
  3. I'm sure your daughter will be proud of you some day for relaying this. Be sure to remember it for when she starts to date, should make for some good leverage
  4. I want to apologize to all for my offensive posts pertaining to the dumbarse UT AD's gun ban. I was unneccessarily offended I guess because my dad had just passed away that day and he was a UT freak. He played in the Pride of the Southland Band from 1947-1949 and had football season tickets for years. My response was totally uncalled for, I let my fingers run off at the mouth not seeing any thing but UT :pisson: . The SEC seems to have more than it's share of thug athletes who don't appreciate the oppurtunity they've been given. That meathead Tyler Smith that got caught with the guns recently graduated high school with my youngest son. He never got into anything serious while around here but I'm sure it's just because he never got caught doin anything He pretty well had it made in high school just because he was such a good b ball player. I totally agree that the gun ban is unconstitutional, hopefully that will get "shot" down.
  5. Too bad the audio couldn't be captured and let loose at once along with the aroma
  6. No, I don't support the gun ban, but I do support the University. I agree, there have been some bone headed idiots especially in the football and basketball programs. I don't agree with bashing the whole University for the actions of the thugs that pull crap like the last 4. There have been alot more of the athletes out of UT that have become very successful in life, not just in sports but many different professions than the bad apples that make the whole University look bad. My dad, who just passed away Friday, and my oldest son are both UT alumni who made more of themselves than you ever will and back at you!
  7. I see I'm too late as usual, but I was going to offer to help the wife with the shower, I tend to scare young kids
  8. Well, now that you mention it, I wasn't going brag but... When I was bout 19 I went to PCB, FL with the just graduated senior class as a chaperone. I was the elder of the bunch, had a years experience on the youngsters, knew where minors could buy beer etc. There were 12 of us staying in one room, cheap bunch. We'd been eating cheap food and consuming mass quantities of cheap beer. I felt gut buster building up, laid back on the bed, grabbed a box of matches and flipped off the light. I threw my feet back over my shoulders, lit the match and held it strategically, everybody was yellin "what the hell..." then the explosion. The fart had so much compression it blew out the match, I thought for a split second it was a blank then a 10-12inch blue flame shot out of my anal orafice. That brought the house down, kinda scared me, thought I might explode. It was hilarious having 12 guys hollering "throw me the matches". Cheap thrills fire works show. My dad's first cousin showed me that trick when I was about 13, made a lasting impression. Yeah, I've ceinged a few butt hairs over the years too.
  9. Dirty Hairy


    Stu, The dog should be checked for rabies even under the circumstances. Don't know bout VA laws but in TN any dog bite is to be reported to the county health dept. or rabies control officer. If the dog survised the hit it should be quarantined for 10 days, if he went to doggy heaven the brain should be tested by the state rabies lab. I worked for the TN dept. of health for several years and had to investigate dog bites. Probably nothing but a scared, injured dog but if it were my dad, the dog would be checked out, dead or alive. Rabies is very unforgiving.
  10. Good choice, got mine a few years back to replace an old Jr. also. Use the Jr. now to keep the Dillon case trimmer set up in.
  11. My son & I both have Ruger 7mm Rem. Mags, I have 6-18X50 BDC Nikon, he has the comparible Leupold. I've shot both and it's a coin toss on which is better. His cost a little more but I can't remember how much. Both are great optics.
  12. GMan, That's what I intend to do as well. I still have Louie and Bojangles's ashes in urns and intend to have my ashes mixed with theirs and spread over our farm. I still have a hard time looking at pictures of them and so many others from the past that I've out lived. It is like looseing family. You have my thoughts and sympathy.
  13. Big $$ don't make you high class in my book. Some of the wealthiest people I know are the lowest class!
  14. I agree, the max stay on death row should be no more than 6 mos. If 2 or more creditable witnesses testify as to guilt(eye witnesses) of the defendant then take him/her directly from the courtroom to a waiting noose in the courthouse lawn and let'm dangle after the SNAP!
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