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  1. postal

    What's your circle?

    My circle is around East Grand Lake in Northern Maine and New Brunswick Canada. We have just had a blizzard so I will be using my snowmobile.
  2. postal

    Some General Advice for the New AR Buyer

    My 1st Black Rifle. I got a complete Rock River LAR-15 lower with a 6 position colapsable stock at Gunbroker Web site. I got a Colt 16" heavy barrel 5.56mm A4 upper with a detachable carry handel.
  3. postal

    What do you think about....

    I have never been married, but she would have to be very loaded and very hot for me to go along without my last name.
  4. postal

    check this article out.

    I just got my 1st Black Rifle. A new Rock River complete lower with a 6 position stock. A used Colt A4 chrome lined 16" heavy barrel 5.56 upper.
  5. postal

    quick caliber poll

    I chose 9mm, my concealed carry is the new Walther PPS (police pistol slim) only 1 inch wide.
  6. postal

    new gun!!!!!

    I had the same model, 67 chevelle right?
  7. postal

    Some General Advice for the New AR Buyer

    Nivre post, I am eagerly awaiting my first parts. A compleat RRA M4 lower.