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  1. kjsjo918

    Time to divorce the wife ?

    Soni better get on board--Katy and I have BBQ sauce stashed for when the cats are on the rotisserie. MMMMMmmmm . . . hot juicy pussy.
  2. kjsjo918

    My Home was Burlarized Today!!!!

    Man, that really sucks! You might post some signs and get a .12gauge trip wire alarm for the doors. Oops...did I misplace my kneecaps? Hope they catch the bastiages.
  3. kjsjo918

    Original wood for my Century Yugo

    ilikelegs, I just talked to the guys at Lancaster--my AK pistol is almost done! Two weeks to go . . . that thing is SWEET!
  4. kjsjo918

    Original wood for my Century Yugo

    If Obama/Biden hold true to form, you're right about that . . .
  5. kjsjo918

    Original wood for my Century Yugo

    I just tapped them out about halfway (they were still held in place by the grooves and the SB), rotated the SB with the aforementioned love-hammering, and then really pounded the batsnot out of the pins to get them back in. There was little to no damage to the pin head surface (suprisingly), and the overall angle of the FS was corrected. It really wasn't that far off to begin with, though. Hope that helps. Still kinda happy about my $350 dollar Yugo. I keep seeing the same gun on Gunbroker for $650 and up. ilikelegs (my brother-in-law) offered me $500 for it last week when he was up here for Thanksgiving. He's a wheeler-dealer, that guy. Love ya Keith!
  6. kjsjo918

    Original wood for my Century Yugo

    Yeah, the finish was in great shape. I just buffed it a little with some teak oil and the grain just popped! I was planning on refinishing them but I think I'll leave them as is. I'll post pics of some of my other stuff later. Oh, yeah--fixed the front sight too--a few taps on the pins, heated it with a cig lighter, four taps with a rubber mallet--Good to go! Who needs a gunsmith!! LOL J/k to all you gunsmiths... I do need you.
  7. kjsjo918

    Original wood for my Century Yugo

    I swapped out the crappy Century plastic grip with the original from the PK. It's the grip you see pictured. The Centerfire kit was supposed to come with the cleaning rod, but somehow it got left out. I emailed them today and they got right back to me--the rod is now on the way. Good customer service.
  8. kjsjo918

    Original wood for my Century Yugo

    Here's the pics!
  9. I just got my newest addition to the safe the other day. . . a Century M70AB2 Yugo. Of course with any Century build I was worried about quality, but the price ($350) from a local gun store was too good to pass up. After getting it home, I noticed a few things. First, the overall build quality wasn't half bad, but the front sight was canted about 2 degrees. Also, the crazy beavers on the assembly line scrapped the original wood furniture in favor of black poly--not a good thing. At least for me. They scrimped a little more and threw away the cleaning rod. Not cool. I checked around the web for wood furniture for a Yugo--most places were backordered, and gripsnstocks.com wasn't even taking orders anymore. Not cool. Centerfire came to the rescue with a front end parts kit for $199. It included the barrel, front and rear sight, front trunnion, top cover, spring, bolt and bolt carrier, upper and lower handguards, original trigger group, and a few misc other parts. Well, the kit arrived yesterday and after a little fanangling to get the black poly furniture off of the gas tube, the wood went on without a hitch. I also replaced the pistol grip with the original from the kit. Now we're talkin . . . I'll post a pic shortly!