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  1. Good looking knife. I believe your son was being truthful, rather than nice. By the way, do want to a adopt a 54 year-old son too?....... ;)
  2. 1stIDFMP

    Let's Play a Survival Game?

    Hook up my travel trailer to the pickup, hook the boat to the SUV. Load all our guns, ammo, food, fishing gear, and hand tools in both. Head to Central Oregon, or try to hook up with Pepper and caravan.
  3. 1stIDFMP

    National Guard members

    Amen brother!
  4. 1stIDFMP

    Safest Restaurant on Earth

  5. 1stIDFMP

    The Pope and BO

    I'd definately pay money, for tickets, to see that.................
  6. 1stIDFMP

    Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris doesn't take out Hurricane Insurance - hurricanes take out Chuck Norris Insurance.......
  7. 1stIDFMP

    Ruined my perfect record

    Montanalion! I'm going through Montana in 2 months, I hope I don't have need of your services - but if I do, I hope I'm the 44th one!
  8. 1stIDFMP

    Australian Kiss

    Puting a "shrimp" in the Barbie?.................
  9. 1stIDFMP

    How to grow bigger boobs....

  10. 1stIDFMP

    Bug Out Bag

    I agree with other posters about not leaving a gun in your vehicle, or your BOB/GHB in your vehicle. But if you daily carry, like I do, carry extra mags in your bag - leave of a box of ammo (in the handgun you most often carry) in your vehicle.
  11. 1stIDFMP

    Gotta love looking like an idiot

    Just part of the job Etho, just part of the job...... Now he can go and tell his friends that police officers are human too, they make mistakes, but own up to them......
  12. 1stIDFMP


    (gotta love Sam Elliot)
  13. 1stIDFMP

    Advanced Biology class test.

    My mistake, that should have been..... :thumb: (one, for each container..........)