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  1. I have to get a pic taken but here is the list for now. LAR Grizzly 10mm Witness Compact Blued 10mm Custom Caspian with 5.5 inch barrel 10mm G20 OD with rail and 5.5 inch threaded barrel 10mm G29 w/ two color night sights 10mm Smith and Wesson 1076 10mm Smith and Wesson 1026 10mm oh and my newest toy is a Coonan 357mag 1911
  2. Well I think it will happen. If smith can re introduce a fluted 610 then anything can happen.
  3. Your aspect ratio changed. Did you do the work?
  4. Try Ellet Brothers or Amchar. I have a Match in 10mm but have only had one Elite Match in the store.
  5. Well..well..well I can get one sent directly to me when they become available! Nanny nanny boo boo! :evil: In all seriousness congrats.
  6. Sounds to me Kimber needs to save some money if they are paying shipping and repairing guns. :biggrin: Bet you did not get your gun back the next day either..
  7. Lets see 32 seconds worth of time or $32 to ship it back... Hmmmm
  8. The spot the detent touches when the slide stop is at rest. You only need a small divet.
  9. A small indentation on the slide stop will normally fix it. Don't go crazy or it will not lock back but this should fix it.
  10. This is not possible as glocks are perfect.
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