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  1. tjm101591

    Question regarding NYC law..

    yes, i am aware of Obama's view on firearms. so we can all just cross our fingers and hope that he doesnt make anything worse for us.
  2. tjm101591

    Question regarding NYC law..

    thanks for all replies. i think i can get the upper myself but the troubling part is the pre ban lower in good condition and for decent price. i will figure out how to assemble it myself. btw, this is not happening anytime soon. i plan to buy/make a rifle in a few years im willing to spend $<2000
  3. tjm101591

    Owning a EBR in NY

    would it be possible to buy a pre ban lower and put it with a new short stroke piston upper and it be legal? im in Staten Island, new york
  4. Hello, im new here and im interested in buying an AR-15 w/short stoke piston for cleaner cycling instead of direct impingement. Im in SI, new york is it possible for me to buy said firearm with a pistol grip too? i dont care about flash hidders and bayonet lugs. though a collapsable stock would be nice too but not crucial. Many thanks for any info btw, if i cant do this, what are my options if any. And if i can do this what permits are required by a NYC resident? And if i can get a pre ban lower receiver, can i just buy a new short stroke upper and put it all together and it be legal? I know i saw short stroke uppers for sale online in several places. THANKS