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  1. superman07

    Okay Bourbon fans, weigh in.....

    Bookers. Period.
  2. Had one lined up but he won't sell it now due to the recent political crap.
  3. superman07

    Glock 23

    I am looking to sell or trade a gen3 glock 23 with 50 rounds through it. I bought it for my wife and she doesn't use it. Located in Columbus Ohio and canton area. Face to face preferred. Pics will be up as soon as I get a chance. Looking for a glock 21 or maybe a m&p 40 or 45. Threaded barrels a plus.
  4. superman07

    Parts for sale

    Need a rail, interested in any trades? I'm in sunbury.
  5. dropped to 900 shipped.
  6. dropped to 400 shipped. new batteries.
  7. superman07

    Crazy idea, any ideas?

    This will be common in a few years, colt has one, AAC is working on one and lwrc has a short system coming in 300 blk. As others mentioned rra has a system as did para ord. The designs are different however the end result is a modified system with a short carrier etc. I think colt and lwrc will be the best.
  8. superman07

    More military budget cuts

    Sounds like the gov is having a liquidity problem. Turbo timmie needs to sell more bonds to the fed.
  9. superman07

    Colt Delta Elite - F/S

    Any trades?
  10. superman07

    lets see how long this one takes

    I sent my first in November for a sdn6, I was pretty pissed the wait times were getting out to 6months so I sent out my second form for an osprey 45 in February, I have a m42000, mini4, and tirant 9 on a dealer to dealer defer wait. The wait times are so long now I just said frog it and grabbed 5.
  11. 9.5fsp catching hell posting pics.
  12. I picked this up from another member and never got around to shooting it. Not sure what it retailed for but it was certainly much higher than I will be selling it. Pws piston setup Daniel defense rail SpII chamber Pws comp / hider addax doesn't make junk so my loss is your gain. 950 shipped, insurance xtra.