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  1. I need to find the data. Surefire, Streamlight, Duracell were GTG. Main difference is a thicker base, which reduces/eliminates leakage. Duracell (IIRC) makes one of the other two brands.
  2. She knows, and doesn't care because she is a Racists, Socialist (or both).
  3. Similar story, just not as expensive. My Ex was required to return half the credit cards, and I the other joint cards. She kept my Amex and used my credit score to get a house loan, we discovered it when I applied for a mortgage (14 years to pay off the divorce/save up). My ex also "forgot" to tell the VA we were divorced which caused a 5 year delay processing dependent data (I have a young child now). For the OP. Will Ohio allow you to sue for the deductible? Maybe money (or goods) lost will be a reminder to leave you alone, along with a restraining order.
  4. Actually they did. He had DHS Creds as a contractor, so they company would have put him through an approved training program. As a DHS Contractor, he may have had FPS credentials.
  5. Trump with a Republican Congress and a Supreme Court nominee will make a few minor tweaks, but leave the 2nd Amendment alone. Hillary with a Democratic Congress and a Liberal Justice added in will come after us in the first two years.
  6. SOWT

    Cheap Shots

    This is still headline news in San Antonio. They are interviewing folks to determine if the players were acting on an Assistant Coach's encouragement. The race card has been thrown (as was too be expected). My guess is the Assistant Coach is gone, and they end up in an "Alternative" School.
  7. That still puts money into the pockets of terrorists. Bleed the freaking Saudi's dry, then their ability to export terror goes away.
  8. Law doesn't allow them to choose a pistol, they have to write requirements that clearly eliminate everyone but the one they want (for ex:MARSOC .45 or the AF CSAR-X). They have a loophole allowing them to buy limited numbers of Glocks, but something this big is too big to go sole source. Besides, Glock doesn't have an external safety.
  9. Just avoid Arby's and take extra time responding to call there.
  10. Cruz is a Constitutionalist in every sense. He's very smart, and loves bucking the establishment. I am very happy I voted for him, I don't really want him as VP or POTUS because I am afraid of who the TX Establishment will try to push (a Dewhurst ). I'd vote for him if he was on the ticket though.
  11. It was also designed to take effect after BHO left office so his successor can take the heat.
  12. This is my niece's neighborhood. They started their Labor day vacation early, and bugged out for MN this morning.
  13. I seriously doubt they will declare lethal injection unconstitutional. Note to self: Make plans to celebrate at 1900 tomorrow.
  14. and 60% are people who entered illegally. Mexicans no longer make up the majority of the illegals, Chinese and Indians are 1 and 2. They are taking tech jobs (and stealing technology for use back home). Canada has a large illegal population (Chinese love Western Canada), so restricting access makes sense.
  15. I bet they win. The only marriage law that needs to be drafted is one requiring a marriage to be between humans; otherwise people will try to marry dogs, cats, computers, etc.
  16. They still avoid acknowledging those atrocities, unlike Germany. They don't have a problem crying about Hiroshima and Nagasaki every August.
  17. HEB in TX, so I don't have the drama you all have. Still will pass on to my kids that they should avoid Safeway and Albertson's
  18. MagPul wouldn't surrender copyright to the Army.
  19. Is the Arlington DA a dumocrat? I would think Castle Doctrine would prevent this from going to the Grand Jury.
  20. The mishandling was because they had a joint gmail account that they passed information (draft folder) to each other.
  21. Another reason I am glad their tax-free status is going away.
  22. But will they do more than steam in circles. Iran is pissed at the saudi's for screwing their coup up, and making them send additional arms and ammo. I can see Iran going against the saudi's (who would do well, but maybe not well enough). So who does the Bamster support? the Saudi's (who will fund his "foundation" after he retires), or his friends in Iran?
  23. My guess is the women will be the ones to force a policy revision, just sit back and enjoy the drama.
  24. Agreed, but I still LOL thinking how they treated us towards the end of OIF.
  25. Make sure it's actually capable of supporting what you are adding. I think some manufactoers just put rail segments on for the Tacticool look, and nothing more.
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