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  1. Vulcan

    AR10 questions

    The AR-10 is really a loose association of .308 / 7.62 caliber rifles that more or less get to look and feel of the original program prototypes. But since the platform never saw contract and acceptance from the US government or any subsequent military specifications in a production environment... the current crop of AR-10 rifles and parts largely do not interchange with eachother. I think you know that already though. I'm not sure the barrel from a DPMS platform will fit an Armalite upper. I hope though someone with more experience with the AR10 (Armalite) and LR308 (DPMS) chimes in to help.
  2. Vulcan

    Looking for opinion on PSA

    My experience as well! I think what keeps PSA from being an industry leader like Bravo Company or DD is their customer service and inconsistency in quality on what they assemble. Otherwise, their parts are from reputable suppliers- they start off good. They will address things that left their doors that weren't right. Maybe not as fast as I'd want- and perhaps I think they may have too many defects per million- but they will address it.
  3. Vulcan

    Looking for opinion on PSA

    Gun snob? Maybe. Maybe not. In general- not applied to anyone specific- here is a point of view... Folks who have subject matter expertise should share what they know in a way that is constructive and builds the hobby and general understanding of those outside your level of expertise. Personally, I would never use the expression 'gun snob' nor embrace it. It creates a caste system within the hobby- and with regulators trying their best to divide us, it disenfranchises more folks that it brings in. I don't think we can afford to create barriers or push people out at this time. Having been issued, owned, modified, and/or assembled BCM, PSA, Colt, DPMS, CMMG and a slew of others... there are always trade offs. Some matter more than others and some matter only in the context of the usage of the tool. For the average plinker- most will operate as they should and live long lives in safes, taken out on weekends, or called upon when needed. For LEO, competition, special operators, etc- that's where things change. The tool should be appropriate for the task- you don't bring a knife to a gun fight and shouldn't bring a 2WD to a trail ride. Decisions should involve reasonable expectations around purpose, budget, and parts. Conversely, someone can purchase a 'lower tier' whatever and over time upgrade it as they see fit to the task they have in mind, thus building a piece that exceeds out of the box, rack built goods with a specific purpose in mind. Also, the argument about tier seems to be focused on completely assembled rifles. One could purchase barrels, uppers, BCGs, trigger assemblies, and the list goes on and on. These could then be used in conjunction with blemished, close-out, or heavily discounted stripped lowers as a method of cost savings. And, I don't think that reduces the ability of the upper assembly, barrel, BCG, or others- which is where the magic happens anyway. So tier really doesn't mean a whole lot- what means more is the quality of the parts, attention to detail, and skill of the smith. Back to gun snobbery... I'm not sure how putting anyone down for purchasing something within their budget is helpful, constructive, or represents the best elements of what this hobby offers: sharing expertise and being truly helpful to others. Just sayin'...
  4. Yeah!!! Wolf Performance Arms has a catalog up again and looks like they are actively developing their product lines again! http://www.wolf-arms.com/
  5. Vulcan

    Looking for opinion on PSA

    I've built several rifles with their parts over the years. I've been really pleased overall. Aside from shipping (2-4 weeks), limited customer service (more responses than they can handle), their price point and suppliers (FN) are great. I had one upper I had to send back due to the sight- but they took care of it and I got it back quickly. Out of all the ARs I've owned, fired, or expereinced over the years, my PSAs are my favorites. They eat everything with no malfunctions. Period. End of statement.
  6. ^ Now... where's the "LIKE" button.
  7. I'm with Watson- NEW RIFLE Just for example, you can score an $89 non-PSA roll marked lower. http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/firearms/receivers/psa-stealth-lower.html
  8. Vulcan

    Best caliber for hunting?

    While I don't hunt at this time, here are four things to consider that might influence what you buy. Many folks have said similar things. - Distance: How far do you think you'll be from your target? Scope, iron sights, or both? - Type of game: Different species will require different calibers; smaller game- smaller calibers, etc. - Terrain: You may want to consider the weight and layout of the arm relative to what you are stalking.If you think you'll be walking all day, comfort may be a consideration. - Game & Wildlife: Know the regulations for the State in which you want to hunt! Some states have VERY strict guidance around the caliber, barrel length, cartridge length, etc.
  9. Vulcan

    1st AR for me

    OP, you can also build your own with an assembled upper from DD, BCM, or someone else and then get a blem lower from another manufacturer like Palmetto. Spend your money on the BCG and upper... save your money on the lower.
  10. ^ Exactly what I thought.
  11. Vulcan

    Saiga 12 vs VEPR-12

    Some require cutting the tang- others do not. http://bonesteelarms.com/AK-Saiga-folding-stock-hinge-for-modular-stocks-akfsace.htm ^ That is what I have. I currently have an Ace skeleton on it... but you could run any you want. I like the TAC-47. It's kinda like a waste gate for a Saiga. I have an 2009 year model from Legion. The friction spots along the bolt are polished- it runs well. I guess for me, I'm looking for something that doesn't require a lot of fiddling. Yeah- I have my Saiga running smooth after a lot of other work... but then a VEPR 12 runs pretty good out of the box as-is from what I have seen & heard.
  12. Vulcan

    Saiga 12 vs VEPR-12

    Nice. Very nice. I went with Bone Steel's folder. Really nice piece- solid and sturdy. Just takes a long time for one to come in.
  13. Vulcan

    Saiga 12 vs VEPR-12

    I have a converted Saiga 12 that I am debating on selling. I haven't decided yea or neigh yet. It has a Bone Steel folding stock with Warsaw length skeleton, TAC-47 AutoPlug, a spare MD Arms Gas Fixr, Phantom flash hider, and then a spare MAGPUL NATO stock. Plus two 10 round and two 12 round SGM mags. It's a great shotgun. Lots of fun- and it will eat anything except the Winchester X that all Saigas seem to have problems with. I'm thinking of going with a VEPR-12 instead. So, by selling my Saiga 12 I could make room for a VEPR 12. Anyone have any thoughts around the VEPR-12?
  14. Yeah, but when did the Constitution matter to these guys? They are all about the executive fiat.
  15. I just love our media. (^ I do hope the sarcasm comes through)