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  1. Springfield XD Mod.2 9mm Sub-Compact Bi-Tone with GripZone (XDG9821HCSP) [sr] Price:$509.99 XD Mod.2 9mm Specifications ◦Manufacturer: Springfield Armory ◦Model: XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact ◦Caliber: 9mm ◦Capacity: 13+1 Rounds / 16+1 Rounds with X-Tension™ ◦Grip Width: 1.19” ◦Weight: 26oz with Empty Mag / 27oz with X-Tension™ ◦Length: 6.25” ◦Height: 4.75” / 5.5” W/X-Tension™ ◦Barrel: 3” Hammer Forged ◦Slide: Forged Steel ◦Frame: Polymer ◦Finish: SS ◦Magazines: 1 Stainless Steel Flush Magazine and 1 Full-Sized with X-Tension™ When picking up the Mod.2™, shooters will find that critical aspects of the design have been fine-tuned. Mod.2™ ergonomics are a next-level experience that you have to feel to believe and understand. The entire interface between the shooter and the gun has been updated, while retaining the Point-and-Shoot characteristics that made it famous. Key features have been tweaked and enhanced to further enable effortless shooting. And you'll find that the overall package is now more concealable as well. FIBER OPTIC FRONT SIGHT Achieve easier and faster target acquisition with the fiber optic front sight. LOW PROFILE EXTENDED REAR SIGHT The rear sight on the Mod.2™ is low profile, snag free, and holster friendly. POSI-WEDGE SERRATIONS A more pronounced rear serration makes racking the slide effortless. SLIMMER SLIDE The Mod.2™ has a slimmer slide for concealability and more comfortable carry. HIGH-HAND™ BEAVERTAIL Higher hand positioning toward the barrel’s bore axis reduces felt recoil when firing. HIGH-HAND™ GRIP RELIEF Works in unison with the High-Hand™ Beavertail to reduce felt recoil. SLIM CONTOURED FRAME The Mod.2™ frame has been re-contoured, a slimmer frame adds up to a more natural grip. SLIM CONTOURED DISASSEMBLY LEVER A slim disassembly lever makes for a streamlined, holster friendly design. Gripzone Every time you pick up an XD® Mod.2™ pistol, you’ll enter the GripZone™. And while you’re there, your shooting experience will change in ways you might not notice. Industry leading ergonomics are like that. A tool should be so easy to use that you don’t even think about it until you set it down with the dawning realization that you didn’t have to work against it. But what is the GripZone™? Simply put, it’s every surface on the frame that makes contact with your hand. The GripZone™ has been carefully, intentionally designed to combine multiple principles of biomechanics in order to enhance your shooting experience. Advanced Gripzone Texture ZONE 1 Zone One features a firm anti-slip surface texture. This enables positive hand to pistol engagement with the corresponding more sensitive parts of the hand. ZONE 2 Zone Two is more aggressively textured, yet still comfortable to the touch. This Zone is intended to make contact with your hand where maximum friction is needed. It works in combination with Zone One and does the most to keep the pistol in place and under contol during recoil. Despite its impressive performance, Zone Two remains amazingly comfortable. ZONE 3 Zone Three covers all other areas of the frame. This moderately textured surface supplements the performance of Zones One, and Two. Attention! By Federal law, we can only ship firearms to an FFL licensed gun dealer Check all local laws and regulations before purchasing When purchasing a firearm Email a copy of your FFL to ffl@copesdistributing.com or fax a copy to 937 459 5434
  2. OH thanks guys turning the big 30 was well it gave me a 4 day vacation!
  3. My kids wanted to watch it so we did.... It is kinda.... well it is a syfy show! My dad and I found somethings very well different.
  4. Families can live on one income. I bought a house, a new car, and I am doing just fine. I struggle everyday with what we need and what we can go without. My kids are well taken care of though. Yes I work 40 hours a week and they have to go to a sitter, but I dont think that is a bad thing. She is a stay at home mom. My boys have everything they need on just my income. I dont have cable or internet and dont need it. I have a cell phone but who doesnt have some sort of phone. I make $13.00 a hour and also pay for our health ins. My bring home each week is $330.00 An we live well...a very sheltered life but we are doing just fine.
  5. We just started doing the computer books. Seems to be faster as well!
  6. Tangerine - The Rain Song.. There are so many really.
  7. The belly band does a good job of concealing the G19 when I have a tshirt on. the bra holster is a little heavy with the G19 so I use my XDS in the bra holster. I also carry a G21 at work due to I can open carry and not worry about it. But with winter coming I will belly band the G19 all winter.
  8. I hate all the little pistols. They are just to small for my hand. I hate the body guard. I hate the lcp. I have a XDS 45 that I bought to carry. But now it just sits, I no longer carry it due to me not liking the gun at all. Love the look, hate the trigger pull. I carry a Glock 19 now. I am a little girl and have a hard time finding a gun I can conceal so I just switch up how I carry. Bra holster with t-shirt, belly band with t-shirt. I also have a leg and thigh holster for dresses. Trust me it is best if she play's around with several guns first. What you like she may not.
  9. I think it is great if it does work.... I have always thought about cancer as government making money.... I mean if they do have a cure, why would they tell us? They make all kinds of money on people a year fighting this nasty thing. How about they just go ahead an tell us they really do have cures. Then we can all become healthy and live. Or they can not tell us and watch people get sick and die an watch their family go threw hell, and become in debt due to medical bills. Which well Obangme has taken care of...just get his ins it will help... Sorry for my rant....
  10. I love the new HTC Ironman commercial. What does your stand for? LOL
  11. Lost both dogs this past winter. The rot was getting really bad with his hips. He was a great dog. The pit went right after him. Lets just say Christmas was not great for my kids this year. Peebles was not the same after Dozer passed. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't walk with us, would not play. I think she was heart broken. We looked into some pups but nothing has fit us yet. Went to the shelter a couple of times and nothing fit us there either. We have however gotten 2 kittens. The boys and I were outside cleaning out the fish pond and heard some little cry's. I started calling "kitty,kitty." and sure as could be up from the crick came too baby kittens. They were matted and had burrs on them. Boy and girl. The girl is really tiny. They had to be dropped off cause they are really people friendly.
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