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  1. Thanks Warlike. Tried what you suggested - no problems except a couple of slow rounds up the feed ramp. 2 out of 20 needed a push. Could be not enough lube there? So, maybe not mags?
  2. I have not yet fired it again, altho it has been cleaned and lubed. Perhaps this weekend I'll have time to retry. I didn't want to waste ammo as I got frustrated once again. Looking for answers/fixes before shooting. Thanks. It's probably a lot of operator error as well? Seating the mags too loose, too hard/tight? I'll go to the ammo store and get a few small boxes of different brand cartridges to try, as well. I also need to take better notes on the range.
  3. I don't know the twist rate. 1:9 if the upper is truly Stag. Also 5.56 is stamped on the lower, so I'd have to assume the chambering is the same? All I had was .223 ammo, all brass-cased; no 5.56 or steel cased ammo. Extractor/ejection problem terminology? Double-feed or failure to extract with a live round up against it? Also, no M4 feed ramp as near as I can tell. Further, the buffer is unmarked, so probably a CAR? Do I need an H buffer?
  4. Thanks pards, ok, both magazines were new. One is a C products 10-rd mag, and the other is a Bushmaster 20 round size, limited to 10 rds for Calif. I would think they should work, but ... They have very different followers. Since I'm limited here to 10 rd mags, what do you recommend I buy? The carrier key is solid on the bolt carrier group, but is not "staked" as I have read/seen here. Also, in my haste to shoot, maybe I didn't lube it up enough? My lever actions and shotguns work fine "drier" and thats what I'm used to. My lubes are Eezox, Ballistol (great stuff), Mobil 1, and MilTec. Also have Microlon at my disposal for treating the parts. Worked great on my revolvers. Microlon Website Thanks
  5. I'm a cowboy shooter. Lots of kicks w/ great people. Don't bother w/ the Henry--not regarded very highly, but it is cheap.
  6. I'd be safe: shoot BP only in the trapdoor. They're not making them anymore.
  7. I'm gonna go strip it down now. I guess I need to know more cause I Don't know what the bolt carrier key is. Only brass ammo used. No steel cases.
  8. Does the bolt lock back when the magazine is empty? Not always. Did you give it a good cleaning and lubing? -- After reading more, maybe not enough lubing as the AR might like? I shoot mostly "cowboy guns" - definitely not as intricate. I'm not familiar with a 10/20. Is that a magazine? 20 round size mag, that holds 10 only, per California regs. Let's start with those questions and maybe we can figure it out. Is it a complete Stag carbine? I think so. I think it might be a mag issue as well. - Happened on both mags.
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