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  1. Price drop, $80 shipped for the AAC, $50 shipped for the YHM, $45 shipped for the WCI. Thanks! Medic
  2. For Sale: 1: barely used AAC 51T 7.62 5/8x24, brake only. $95 shipped. It came indexed on my rifle and only had 20 rds down the tube for testing. Exterior is flawless. There is a little carbon visible on first lip below threads. My can is a Silencerco so this needs a home. 1: YHM 3302-RA, 7.62 QD Flash Hider (9/16x24 RH) New in bag. $60 shipped. 1: WCI 6.5mm (9/16x24) never mounted, perfect condition. $56 shipped Paypal (Friends & Fam or Std plus fees) or USPS Money Order. The 6.5's (9/16x24) were leftovers from some Grendel builds I did for some friends a while back. Going through the safe to sell some stuff to fund a 3-gun build and equipment. ***That's not scratches on the YHM collar, it's factory grease in the YHM diamond logo. Thanks! Medic AAC YHM WCI
  3. Congrats! I am almost at 4-1/2 months on an Omega and Axiom waiting to be sprung from jail!
  4. KillerMedic

    Holy Crap, 0.2 Grains is NOT a Lot of Powder

    Late to the topic but for iron sight AR grouping, you want the front sight post LARGE enough so that when you take your sight picture, you can focus and see the front sight clearly. Your target should be slightly out of focus. Pick a sight picture, center mass, 6 o'clock or flat tire (6 o'clock with about 20% of bull covered. The key to your consistency is seeing the crisp top edge of that front sight post clearly so you can put it in the same spot every time. if you are focused on the target and the front sight post is blurry, you have no idea exactly where it is on your target shot to shot. It is not uncommon for good service rifle shooters to put up 4-5 inch 10 shot groups at 300 yds of rapid fire prone, magazine fed with a mag change in 50 seconds or less and in the wind. Again focus on the front sight post, not the target for shooting groups. Chris
  5. KillerMedic

    RRA NM Trigger Group

    I don't know how proficient of a shooter you are or range you have access to, so forgive me if this does not apply. Our club is having a Precision Rifle Clinic Sat May 7th. From the announcement: "We'll have stations set up for shooters to chronograph their ammunition, obtain a dope chart, zero their rifles at 100 yards, confirm dope at distances from 200 to 600 yards, and possibly test their skill on a ranging exercise." It's great for newer PR shooters, a new rifle or those without access to 600 yds to dial in their rifles. If that day is good we usually set up for matches at 8:30 and shooting goes from 9:00 until 1:00 if needed, more details will be available. Then normal shooting/show n' tell can be done after that until you are good and ready to head home. It's normally $10 for matches to help cover range supplies but not posted yet for the clinic. Facebook link to our PR group page with lots of pictures. https://www.facebook.com/Coastal-Area-Precision-Rifle-Shooters-413788465456402/ Chris
  6. KillerMedic

    RRA NM Trigger Group

    I'm not in Jax but a "little" ways up the road from you in Brunswick GA. I have an AR with an Armalite NM 2 stage trigger, one with a Geissele SSA and a few with Geissele Match/NM triggers. I am a member at a private range that goes out to 600 yards and has a pistol/75yd bay. I can do some weekdays and most weekends. Weekdays are great as sometimes you have the range to yourself. If you need an excuse to head up this way then hit me up. Chris
  7. KillerMedic

    The New Reloading Bench(im getting there)

    Very nice bench there. That is giving me ideas for maximum space utilized in minimum footprint to reduce the floor space my open bottom workbench, straddled by book cases, is taking up now. Or what will really happen...... just increasing the storage space in the same footprint for more stuff. Chris
  8. KillerMedic

    Can 6.5 Creedmoor brass be made?

    DOH! I knew BHW..... What I MEANT to ask was what length? I used their 22" RTS 1:8 and was hoping you are going similar so as to share load development notes. Chris
  9. KillerMedic

    Can 6.5 Creedmoor brass be made?

    Hey Greg, what barrel are you going to use. I built my 6.5 Creedmoor AR-10 recently and have had it out once (work and personal obligations took over, but are now complete). I hope to get out again later this week and try some loads. What are your thoughts on the Nosler or Norma brass in 6.5C. I am about to load some 1x Hornady brass and if it don't act right I am trying to decide what to try next. I really want to stay away from converting brass since I need to do more shooting and less loading PREP to catch up. Chris
  10. KillerMedic

    New Tool-DIY

    Yes, electronic scales should be level also. If not the support(s) under the plate that you weigh on will rub excessivly on their guide(s) creating friction and giving you incorrect and/or inconsistent measurements. Medic...out!
  11. KillerMedic

    pmp so. african .223, any 'speriance?

    The 20rd boxes with the gazelle (and purple box?) is the PMP comercial .223 ammo. There were a few good years and a few iffy years of production. The 300rd battle packs were their military 55gr 5.56mm stuff. It was loaded HOT, shot great in most 5.56mm guns, stored well and was NOT reloadable. I still have a few of the battlepacks in my reserve. Medic...out!
  12. KillerMedic

    .308 ammo questions

    Actually the 1:10 twist is made for heavier bullets....up to and including the 230gr Berger Target Hybrids. My Savage .308 1:10 does not like most of the 155's and lighter, shoots some 168's decent, loves the 175 SMK, and will amaze with the 178 HPBT and all the Bergers 175gr and heavier. I started a heavy bullet test last year before my hiatus from the Armory and I am revisiting it as we speak with some new testing. I will be posting it up when complete now that my time has freed up some and I can vist here at the ARMORY again. Medic...out!
  13. If you did not answer with one of the "and plan on taking more" choices then you are fooling nobody but yourself. No matter your skill level there is always room for improvement and there are a number of reasons to utilize additional training. You should seek training for personal defense, job requirement, competion and everything in between. Heck, take a course just for fun. And for those in areas with no training available, you can come back and offer what you learned with your friends and local shooters. Medic...out!
  14. KillerMedic

    Midway Facebook coupon

    Midway USA has a promo going now. Click the LIKE button on their facebook page and you get a link for coupon codes good till the end of the month. They are $10 off $50, $15 off $100, $25 off $200 and $35 off $300. I would post the codes but it looks like they are personalized one time use and I am using mine. MidwayUSA Facebook link Medic...out!
  15. KillerMedic

    N130 for 5.56

    Sorry, never tried N130. I have run N140 under Hornady 75gr HPBT and AMAX and in .308 under 168gr AMAX and 175gr CC working up to max loads from VV data and they performed well. If it was less expensive I might have been running it all season instead of IMR 8208 XBR. I have no doubt the N130 will give good results with lighter bullets. Just go load up a few, working up to your desired velocity, and have fun finding what your rifle likes. Medic...out!