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  1. I think lots of us post our 10mm content over at 10mm-firearms.com
  2. Mine was reamed by MarsGuns. http://marsguns.com/
  3. The laseraim did not use a 1911 style extractor. It used a pivot style or external extractor. The Numrich link The Shadow posted shows the extractor in stock for $24.50. The extractor pin and spring are out of stock, but those parts should be relatively easy to either make or find a substitute for.
  4. To each his own. However, I would add that I am in the company of 1911Tuner from the M1911 forums and Ned Christiansen of Michiguns. http://forum.m1911.org/showpost.php?p=932193&postcount=28 To clarify that, in another post I can't locate in short order, the OEM gun as a 45 ACP 1911 with a stock recoil system. Point being that the 18.5 lb recoil spring, FBFPS and 25 lb main spring should generally yield the same frame forces as a stock government model 1911 with 230 grain ball. I will defer to these guys until I am both older and more experienced with the 1911 than I am ever going to be at the rate I run ammo.
  5. Ummm... Lets see...You say I should have a heavy mainspring, with a lighter recoil spring and a flat bottom firing pin stop. Maybe you should re-read the first line of my 4 month old post. Here are the highlights: 25 lb mainspring (not recoil spring) flat bottom firing pin stop 18.5 lb recoil spring. Pretty sure the lines right up with what you are suggesting in your second paragraph. Maybe I missed something?
  6. That is something else. I gotta think Lone Wolf is gonna stand behind that once they see the barrel.
  7. I would go faster for a higher initial pressure help bump the base.
  8. SAAMI spec for 38 super is .356", not .355" or .357". Individual barrels vary and .001" doesn't cause any issues. There was a handloader article within the last year about the effects of bullet diameter on pressure, and the end result was that it is a non-issue within reason. They tested using a 38 special barrel, and fired bullets as small ast about .352" and as large as .362" 38 super can certainly be safely loaded with .355, .356 or .357" bullets of appropriate weight. As always, start low and work up. Most 9X25 conversions started with 9mm or 38 super rather than 357 Sig barrels for a simple reason. There are more and cheaper 9mm and 38 super barrels out there. All three will work fine. A 357 sig barrel would be more in line with a short chamber barrel which is the basis for most barrel installs, and therefore would require less metal removal in final chambering. Any of the three will be safe from a pressure perspective.
  9. Yeah...It concerns me not at all. Although since building my Para P16 conversion I have to admit, the Match doesn't make it to the dance very often.
  10. Emphasis added. That is why I am curious to the load. Gotta be well over SAAMI spec for pressure.
  11. I was gonna say this....But my Elite Match is cracked. Frame, right behind the magazine release. But, it is a non-issue. They should have relieved the metal there in the first place. I have never heard of an upper tier Witness having a safety or function affecting crack.
  12. I would really like to see the specs on this load. But, I do agree that the witness is a strong platform for the 10mm. The cracked slides, by Tanfoglio's own admission, were do to improper annealing after heat treatment which left a batch of slides too brittle. I would guess it created enough bad press that they felt a return to the old style was needed as many people were avoiding the new slides lest they get a "bad" one. Plus, they were ugly IMHO. My Glock is a great platform, and I don't have the concerns that panzermk2 has. But I don't run 165 grain rounds at 1900 fps either. My Glock handles Swamp Fox/Underwood level loads without issue. But my witness handles those loads even better. Brass the Glock smiles, the witness ejects to the next county looking just fine.
  13. The 10mm auto does NOT have "MUCH higher pressure" than the 40S&W. 10mm Auto is SAAMI spec at 37,500, and the 40 is 35,000. About the only factory loads that may exceed 40S&W pressure are Underwood and maybe some Buffalo Bore. Regardless of the ammo though, rechambering a 40 S&W gun to 10mm is a relatively trivial as long as the action/magazines are long enough to accomodate the longer round. My every-day carry is a Para Ordnance P16-40 converted to 10mm by reaming the chamber. Cost me $35 + the cost of the reamer since one was not readily available. The MP5 may be a bit trickier since it has a fluted chamber. Maybe someone can chime in about whether these can be reamed.
  14. Pictures of your magazines would help a great deal. The real question is does that cut out stick up at it's lowest point above the magazine body? It the follower, even with the recess, is above the magazine body, your gun is likely not functioning normally or has been modified.
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