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  1. I am shocked, shocked I tell you!!!
  2. This happened in Springfield, Mo. (pop 170,000) The doors where locked and 2 people sat inside the dealership. A lady answered the door and said that Due to Covid19, I need to make an appointment now for a test drive. How long will it be until the auto makers will discount the vehicles sitting on lot hopefully 30% of MSRP, or more???? I also have been seeing TV advertisements from some of the auto makers for 0% financing for 84 months, during the last few days.
  3. pat701

    Wal-Mart Going Full Retard

    Sam Walton is spinning in his grave, get the stethoscope!!!!
  4. Probably on sale on EBay as I wrte this. MAGA KAG2020
  5. pat701

    The ANIT-gunners just got “Trumped”

    Winnig, Kag2020
  6. pat701

    Open Carry Vs Concealed Carry

    I see no advantage to open carry.
  7. pat701

    I have got to get me one of these!

    Buy that and after two shooting sessions, it will be a safe queen.
  8. pat701

    Las Vegas Conspiracy. What do you think?

    I have no idea how this kicked off. But it sure smells of a cover up IMHO
  9. pat701

    “Good Eats” Returns In 2018!

    I didn't know Alton had cook books published
  10. The secret FBI informant just got the OK to testify before several congressional committees on the Uranium one scandal. Hope he doesn't commit suicide or disappear before he cant testify. Great T.V. news is coming. This should put some of the left in jail. MAGA
  11. pat701

    Media bias

    Hopefully if the "little people" keep posting and tweeting about Uranium one the MSM will have to cover it to make advertising money. We have to keep up the pressure on the MSM to report it. JMHO
  12. pat701

    “Good Eats” Returns In 2018!

    Alton was quite an entertainer. He had some great writers on "Good Eats" i hope he comes back to cable. I love the bit where he played his uncle that looked and talked like Colonial Sanders, very funny to me.
  13. pat701

    November 4th. Lock and load

    The FBI and DOJ have had a month warning, that something may come of this. I sure as hell hope that they used the early warning they received and are prepared to take action. These A-holes even gave the address of where to assemble for their demonstrations.
  14. pat701

    Sig Sauer P220

    OP, you got a great deal. Congrats. Next take a look at a Sig P227. If i could only keep one pistol it would be the Sig P227.
  15. pat701

    Walther Creed

    I should take a look at a Sig SP2022. They are a best buy IMHO. Last i saw one a few weeks ago it was around $420 with nite sights on-line. Life time warranty from sig. The DA/SA trigger just gets smoother with use.
  16. Take a look at a Sig SP2022. IMHO they are a best buy. Last i saw they where going around $420 on-line.
  17. pat701

    PSA's $159.00 TAURUS .38 SNUBBY

    I don't think you should buy a $159.00 Taurus. Save up and buy a S&W at a latter time.
  18. I never get offered money like that, lucky stiff.
  19. pat701

    HOORAY FOR H&K!!!!

    Great luck, that is fantastic of H&K
  20. pat701

    .308 buying advice

    Just take a look at a PTR-91 before you buy. Think fine German engineering.
  21. pat701

    Getting a Steyr Aug

    Wish i could afford one, i would buy in a minute.
  22. Had one 100% reliable 1,400 rds 9mm. Poor mans MP5 IMHO, a best buy.
  23. pat701

    Thoughts on IWI Tavor

    Wish i could afford one, i would get one.