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  1. I think if I was going to choose a BUIS< I'd go with the Troy. Searched it alot, and had some helpful insight in here. Then again, I run an Aimpoint M3 with a magnifier. I do believe though that the simple A1 type sytem is better if you plan on using some glass on top. Just my .02
  2. Damage? Already done that. Threat? Health care. Solution? Take off their skirts (not literally, there's very few "senators" lol or "congressmen" hahahahahaha) that I'd like to see without a shirt, much less their skirt!!! Seriously though, too much damage has been done by bleeding hearts already. Wish people would grow up and wisen up.
  3. Actually, no. If you're talking "red dot" sights, Aimpoints have no magnification (1x). Same with Eotech and most others. You'll need to add a magnifier behind it if you're looking for that (the exception being an ACOG) for most front running systems.
  4. On the purchase...and I've received a lot of good information from the salty guys here Re: Optics. I personally chose an Aimpoint and will add a 3x Mag soon. I guess it just depends on what you want it for. As for rails, I just received a set of DD Omega from Addax. Love them. You might also try ARMS #50, Larue etc.
  5. Lots, but probably not enough. Don't wanna pay for my wife's next husband...LOL. I'll be burned and dropped off @ the nearest convenience store for purchase (blue light special). Not gonna give $$ cause I know how you guys are.
  6. If ya go North, just keep on goin'!
  7. I debated this issue for months. When I finally switched from SDtv to HDtv, the choice was fairly simple. Buy a system that does everything pretty well, or buy a system that does just one thing pretty well. Do I miss some of the games I could be playing? Yes. Would I change because of a $50 game...No. I believe that the system I chose for my family fits and more will be coming in the future. I'll leave it to you to decide which one we have
  8. I'd have to say shoot what feels better. If it's relaxed and "comfy" as you put it, you'll shoot much better than trying to force something.
  9. No offense, but I believe we already have enough "watch dogs" out there. I know it's simplistic, but if more people took out the bad guys, we wouldn't be in this situation to begin with.
  10. I would assume (we all know where that gets us) that they will withstand heat well? I know the ladders that came with the DD are good to 350 or so ( I know @ least 300 because I put them in the oven to soften them up for install). Magpuls similar?
  11. Ya know Neil, I'm gettin' old....I need to FULLY read what people ask before I open my big dough hole. I think I'll just sit back, eat some pringles and watch the world turn for a while...LOL. Sorry John for not reading the "scope" part of your question. Give the folks at Addax tactical a try...awesome people to deal with.
  12. to the strangest people on the planet!! Gotta love it! As for Irons....ARMS, MI, TROY etc. all make good stuff. Will they be BUIS or Primary sights?
  13. Gotta say, Love dealing with your company!! Do the magpul's add much in the way of width to the rail? I'm enjoying the narrower feel of the Omega (actually been wandering around the house this am with it....God I'm a sick person).?
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