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  1. You might check out this thread on the Gunsmith segment of the forum: http://www.10mmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=8580
  2. I put a Lone Wolf in my Glock 20. I voted for more case support. :w00t: Another potental negative is Glock standard ploy barrels are not suppose to like lead bullets. I cannot confirm that is true.
  3. I just checked my Glock 20, no cracks (serial number KKU5XX). I have shot more ammo, but the not the same type as "X Man". My Glock customer service is much different. I can only say great things about Glock. I own several and the one time I had a problem they fixed it quickly, at no cost and no questions asked. I get a packet from Glock every January with a new calendar and some trinkets. I sometimes think the type of service you get has a lot to do with how you chat with the customer service folks. Just a thought. :tempted:
  4. Has the rep given any idea what the price range will be for the 10mm?
  5. Thanks for the information on Blue Dot. I agree that a Compact Witness is never going to get max performance. I may try to get less recoil at the same velocity. It may be a dream.
  6. With my purchase of a 10mm I am about to get back into reloading. I use to reload in the 1970s. Back then, I had been using Green Dot to load .44mag and .45ACPs. I found Green Dot gave me less recoil and a clean burn. I noticed this thread was chatting about Blue Dot and was curious how it has been working out. I miss the 1970s. You use to be able to buy factory JHP bullets that failed QC. I loved them, they were relatively cheap and the jackets on the JHP were interesting. Often the brass cut was the problem. The JHP would have a groove that cut the jacket all the way down to the base. I had used Unique to load .38Spl and .357mag, but had a major disaster with the power resulting in a blown backstrap on a revolver and a doc picking pieces of the brass out of my hand for years to come.
  7. I wish they made Hogues for my Witness Compact. :( I checked the Hogue store and I am sol.
  8. I just got a Compact Witness (metal frame). It is ok to shoot +P 10mm Hornady's though it?
  9. Thanks for the information on the EAA Compact Witness. Is the an advantage in getting the poly-frame vs the metal frame in the Compact Witness? I would think that getting the metal frame would be a better idea especially with 10mm recoil. To confirm a 22 lbs or 20 lbs rocoil spring?
  10. Unfortunately, only 2. A Glock 20 and a EAA Compact Witness. :tempted: :bis:
  11. Looking around the Wolff site, I did not see a recoil calibration pack for a compact Witness. Would the 18 & 20 lbs springs be sufficient as a start?
  12. Hello.... just joined ! Oh my gosh! I literally was just getting ready to buy a new EAA Witness Compact with the "wonder" finish. The new model with the low profile sights. Does "wonder" mean I would wonder when the slide will crack? I guess I will not be buying a Witness Compact. I knew it was to good to be true.... a decent price for a 10mm CCW. So everyone, what's next? I own a Glock 20 and its great at the range, but it is not a decent CCW. Also I like the rank & lock features of a browning single action. Does anyone have a recommendation of a 10mm CCW? One that does not cost so much?
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