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  1. how about a sportical with some magpul sights? should be right at 6.5 lbs
  2. just keep checking brownells had some 20 round pmags in FDE yesterday which means i now have every color but the one i been looking for (OD green). also brownell has some 20 round tan aluminum mags
  3. just to let you know desert tactical has 6 foliage green pmags 4 with windows and 2 without (i just ordered 2) http://www.deserttactical.com/category_s/54.htm
  4. never mind just ordered the one with the two levers
  5. this should be the last question (sorry) i see that they make two version of that rail one with two levers and one with one lever. i dont really plan on taking the scope on and off a bunch of times would the one lever one be ok or should i just buck up and buy the two lever one? thanks for showing me that mount
  6. is that one high enough that a BUIS can fit underneith?
  7. id like to mount a scope to my flat top id like to get a QD one but am undecided on which one i like the larue QD LT 101 which is a QD riser and then put my scope on that. i know ARMS makes one but i dont know anything about them(putting a scope on an AR seems so much harder than a bolt gun) id like to be able to take the scope off and have it return to zero when i put it back on. what would you guys recommend? by the way this is the scope im looking at getting http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/...leitemid=183610
  8. your right but whats the point in having one if you cant legally use it?
  9. you cant have suppresors in washington and im preety sure you cant have SBR's
  10. your right about the grendel i forgot about wolf. the .243 and the .25 WSSM are intresting ive never really looked at any of the WSSM how are the ammo prices? i dont reload yet so that always a consideration for me. i really do want a 6x45 but until i reload ill just have to wait.
  11. i wasent talking about you i meant the hate in the links. i understand the praticality part but as a whole i think gun owners arent the most pratical when it comes to guns how many of us have guns we truely dont need? i have guns that are just fun to own no real purpose other than to shoot i typically buy guns on a want basis not on need. as colorado ospery said anything that promotes the use of guns for sporting use is great so that it can't be called a weapon used only for killing people. but i still think it would be nice to have an off the shelf ar15 thats built specifically for deer hunting i know about the 6.5 and the 6.8(and the .450,.458. and .50) the 6.5 seems kinda cool but i doubt it will be real popular because of the fact that no one else loads for it right now besides AA (which i dont think will change because from what i understand AA wont let anybody else load the cartidge unless the franchise with them. i could be wrong about that last part) and the 6.8 was originally designed as a military cartridge (as far as i know). id like to see the 6.8 really take off and i think it will once the stigma of the "black rifle" goes away (which hopefully it will) i guess what im trying to say(and probabley not very well)is anything that makes the AR into a hunting rifle is a good thing ( i could be wrong about a number of the things i just said, i like alot of people just got into the AR and really have grown to love it in the little while ive had one so im still kinda of new so correct me if im wrong on any of the above)
  12. so i was kinda intrested in the link about the .30RAR in the thread about the hottest .30 cal round. anyways so i got to looking at the round (i googled it) and it seems like most people hate the thing and its not even out yet. what the deal i know its not as fast or powerful as the .308win but so what its more powerful than the 7.62x39 (and thats killed quiet a few deer) it seems from the little research i did that some people dont imbrace the AR as a legitmate hunting rifle i know people do it (i havent with mine but plan to) i think it would be nice to see more people hunting with AR. i guess im just kinda confused as to why the hate, there doesnt really seem to be a reason for it. sorry if this is off topic i think its kinda cool when new cartridges come out (even though the probley dont do anything diffrent than a number of other cartridges) variety is the spice of life
  13. i think that new remington round looks preety cool means i can actually deer hunt with my ar (i cant now because washington state has stupid rules)
  14. do you have a link to the new remington round? ive heard about it but never found any data on it
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