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    Surefire? Sure! ( pun) Works great. Got one for a shotgun. I recommend it.
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    Lawyer VS. Indian

    Horse Don't Look So Good!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An old Indian man was walking through town with his horse. A cowboy watched and wanted the Indians horse. So the cowboy walked up to the Indian and asked how much he wanted for the horse. The Indian said, "horse not for sale, he don't look so good" the cowboy thought the Indian wanted more money, so he said, "I'll give you $400 for the horse chief" the Indian said, "No, horse not for sale, he don't look so good" the cowboy thought to himself and insisted that the Indian sell him the horse for $500, then $600, $700. finally the cowboy told the Indian, "I'll give you $800 and nothing more for your horse" So the Indian agreed and took the money. Couple days later the cowboy came back to town soakin' wet and found the Indian who sold him the horse and said, " damn it chief the horse you sold me was blind and walked over a river bank and damn near killed me, why didn't you tell me he was blind?" The Indian just looked at the cowboy and said, "I told you, HORSE DON'T LOOK SO GOOD"
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    12 Days of Indian Christmas Song

    Ya'ahteh. (Hello) That was so funny!
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    I have been living under a rock...
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    New member checking in...