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  1. perrycounty


    Merry Christmas to All!
  2. perrycounty

    Photography class

    Thanks for the information and the examples.. Very informative... A special thanks for taking the time to put it all together.
  3. perrycounty

    Riding a motorcycle in 20 degree wheather.

    It's his choice, not mine...but for me the possibility of ice and snow on the road at any time would never make the ride worth it + 20 degrees is cold and I'm sure even more so riding on a motorcycle.. Not me...never!
  4. perrycounty

    sad what "false religions" can lead people to do

    The things people have done to one another over the centuries in the name of religion defies description and this is just another horrifying example... The fact they have chosen to target innocent children makes this all the more repulsive...