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  1. gooddealjunky

    Barsto Barrel for S&W 1066

    SOLD Sold all my 10's and have this BARSTO barrel left over. Grouped extremely well out of my 1066; under 2 inches at 25 yards. $145 or trade for match grade HK, SIG or Witness barrel. Has seen VERY little use. Bill
  2. gooddealjunky


    BTT and back up for sale/trade because I haven't heard from committed buyer for 7 days!
  3. gooddealjunky


    SOLD Immaculate 1076 with 2 like new S&W magazines and the Blue S&W Box. Less than 200 rounds out the tube. Would sell for $680 Shipped. OR Would like to trade for a 9mm longslide or other 9mm that will shoot under 2 inches at 50 yards. Will add cash if necessary. Bill My email is in profile
  4. gooddealjunky

    Distance of ejected brass

    I built a square box frame out of PVC and loose netting. It measures 4' x 6 ' and I place it right next to the shooting bench. Almost all the brass it caught in the netting and drops straight down. All my 10's fling my brass into the next city but I don't like using the heavier springs as racking the first round with arthritis is no fun with a heavy ass spring. Oh, forgot to add that my PVC elbows are not glued so I can take it down for transportation. Bill
  5. gooddealjunky

    Wanted 1066

    I have a LNIB 1066 for $650 shipped. Bill My email is in my profile
  6. gooddealjunky

    Want to buy or Trade for 1066, 1076 or Delta Elite

    I have a 1076 like new for $680 shipped. Bill My email is in profile
  7. gooddealjunky

    WTB: 1066, 1076, and / or 1026

    I have a like new 1076 with extra mag and box I want to sell for $680 shipped. Has Hogue grips which make it look even better? Bill My email is in profile
  8. gooddealjunky

    1076 question

    I have a 1076 that is LNIB. It has no warnings and does not fire with the magazine out. I guess this is definitley not an FBI gun? I got it from an old friend that pasted on. Does anyone know what it is worth? Bill